The Pentagon to share the photos that would prove that Iran was behind the tankeraanval is

At the Pentagon, the united states department of Defense, has released new photographs which would prove that Iran was behind the attack on the oil tanker in the Gulf of Oman should be there.

It is an attempt by the government to Home, to the other party of the fault of Iran, and to convince them.

Earlier, the Pentagon gave all a blurry video of a ship is released. In the video, according to the united states to see that the members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard corps, an unexploded mine, the water is going to make it.

The new full-color pictures, that of the British in the American media, has given us, would be members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard corps, on a fast patrol boat to be seen. The photo would have been taken by helicopter immediately after the attack, the tankers could have been.

Also, the Pentagon photo’s that Iran’s soldiers, from the boats to see it.


Pentagon shows videos of Iran’s zeemijn of the tanker, the’remove’

A lot of countries state that a claim of the united states on Iran have not been established

In the United Kingdom and took his place in the opinion of the united states that Iran is responsible for the attack. But in other countries, such as Germany and the Netherlands, have strongly argued no evidence has been seen that the claim is proved.

The US has been involved in the preparation of the programme of thousands of additional troops. They have to be in the Middle-East, driven because of the escalating situation around Iran. According to Patrick Shanahan, the united states secretary of Defense, and the extra troops being deployed for “defensive purposes”. It is, he says, is a direct response to the “hostile attitude” of Iran.

Thousands of extra soldiers in addition to one thousand five hundred soldiers, to the united states to the Middle East, it has been sent.

Where are the thousands of additional troops to be sent, it is not yet known. Also, it is not yet clear where the troops are exactly the posted time.


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