The Pentagon expected about background checks for employees of the government security checks

The Pentagon is expected that the background-check
Investigations for the Federal government employees, tighter controls, and dealing with a backlog of workers expected gifts safety.

Pentagon officials said that in the next three years, the
Defense Department the responsibility for all of the background studies for its military and civilian employees and contractors. An official said this week that the White house is also expected, that the Pentagon authority
the implementation of security checks for almost all government agencies as well.

U.S. officials said the move comes after revelations that a
Navy contractor that put a dozen people at the Washington Navy Yard
2013 continues to be his security clearance in spite of concerns about his mental health, and an arrest, investigators never checked.

The security check-in system delays in the last few months has seen—with
to get a backlog of about 700,000 people—including high-ranking Federal officials, who have been waiting up to a year of shares.

Just last month, President Trump’s son-in-law and a senior
Advisor Jared Kushner received his permanent free space that is 16 months after the President took office. The delay, according to Kushner’s lawyer, was caused by the backwater in the new administration, and Kushner extensive financial wealth, which required lengthy review.

The transfer of responsibility of the Office of Personnel
Management of the Pentagon for almost 3.6 million defense employees are already in work. The program includes a system of continuous audits, the criminal automatically draw and analyze the employee -, financial -, substance -, and finally, social media data on a regular basis abuse, instead of only five or 10 years, will be made under the current system.

The office of the Director of National Intelligence is the
executive agent for the new program, the guidelines for the safety requirements set, based on the Federal investigative guidelines. OPM and the Pentagon is conducting the review, in conjunction with the DNI.

An official said the changes would result in a minimum of 20
Percent reduction in the backlog within six months.

During the first year of the program, the Pentagon take
on investigations, the aims of the government a renewal of their security clearance, then over the next two years, will take on employees of the government, of which the first security release, and then move on employees seeking top-secret-renewal and the initial distances, according to an official.

Workers with a security clearance re-evaluated every 10 years, and those who gave top-secret-free-checked all five

The program costs an additional $40 million for the fiscal year
To spend a year in 2018, but the Department expects to “significantly less” than the current $ 1.3 billion price for the program due to increased automation and
further savings.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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