The Pentagon confirmed the holding of the August war games with South Korea

in the vicinity


Pentagon military exercises on the Korean Peninsula

Military President Trump keeps the deal with North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un.

The Pentagon confirmed on Monday that the large US military exercises would be locked in this summer in South Korea, according to the President Trump the decision.

Dana White, the head of the Pentagon spokeswoman, said in a late afternoon statement: “in accordance with President Trump commitment and, together with our Republic of Korea allies, the United States has suspended military, all of the planning for this August defensive ‘wargame’ (Freedom’s Guardian).”

The United States and South Korea have regularly instead of large joint exercises with South Korea.

Marines of the U.S., left, and South Korea will wear blue headbands on their helmets, wherein the positions after landing on the beach, during a joint military, a combined amphibious exercise in Pohang, South Korea.

(Kim Jun-bum/Yonhap via AP, file)

To raise the summer-exercise, Ulchi Freedom Guardian, consisted mainly of computer simulations, joint decision-making and planning. Some 17,500 American and 50,000 South Korean troops participated in last year. The drill, held since the 1970s, usually in August.

White added: “We are yet to coordinate further measures. No decisions on the subsequent wargames.”

Apparently, both South Korea and the Pentagon to catch surprised, last week, Trump promised to end the war games with South Korea, after a meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

“We will stop play the war, this saves us a tremendous amount of money, as long as we are not in the future negotiations, see together, as it should be,” Trump told reporters after his meeting last Tuesday with Kim in Singapore. “But we have a huge amount of money to save. Plus, I think it is very provocative.”

The President has suggested, strongly, that the meeting with Kim to ensure that North Korea no longer a threat.

Kim has called the exercises a practice for an invasion in North Korea.

“Holding back the ‘war games’ in the negotiations, was my desire, because they are VERY EXPENSIVE and in a bad light, while she tweeted in good faith negotiations of the” Trump on Sunday. “Also, quite provocative. Can be started immediately, if the talks break down, what will I happen to hope!” reported that this week a Pentagon meeting with Minister of defense of Jim Mattis, Secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, and National Security Advisor John Bolton would.about future defensive cooperation with South Korea among the countries of the Alliance

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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