The Pentagon, all US forces from Syria’s plans in the coming weeks, officials say

nearvideo defense Secretary, defended the decision to pull US troops out of Syria

U.S. Secretary of defense Mark Esper, says the Turkish invasion could not have been stopped; Lucas Tomlinson reports from the Pentagon.

The Pentagon is accelerating plans to have all American troops out of Syria say in the coming days and weeks, two U.S. officials, Fox News.

It is not clear, now that all of the roughly 1,000 U.S. troops in Syria to pull out of the country. To protect a small garrison in the South could remain in Syria near Jordan, with over 100 U. S troops, a supply line is used to move the Iranian-backed forces, the weapons between Tehran and Beirut, and in Damascus, the official added.


The Minister of defense Esper said Chris Wallace had ordered on “Fox News Sunday,” President Trump, a “conscious withdrawal” from Northern Syria. It wasn’t clear whether he meant to leave the country, all of them.

Esper indicated, the withdrawal from Syria may take longer due to the large number of US armored vehicles and heavy weapons that are currently on the ground in Syria—military hardware, he does not want to see in enemy hands.

“We want to make sure that we do not leave the equipment behind. So I’m not ready to have a time bar,” he said on CBS’s “face the Nation.”

Further evidence that the relations with NATO deteriorated ally, Turkey, Fox News the Pentagon said a planned Open Skies reconnaissance flight over Russia this week, with the Turkish military canceled. The flight on Board a Turkish plane with a U.S. military observer on Board is part of a long-standing arms control agreement between NATO and Russia.


The Pentagon did not immediately return a request for comment on the canceled flight.

Critics say that Trump’s administration has betrayed the Syrian Kurds–the main U.S. ally against ISIS.

“What we are seeing on the ground is absolutely disgusting. It is absolutely shameful that the President allowed Trump to start the Turkey, the Syrian Kurds to kill, who were our allies in the fight against ISIS,” Maryland Democratic Sen. Chris Van Hollen said on “Fox News Sunday.”

Esper defended the decision to retreat. On “Fox News Sunday,” trump, the defense Minister said, there was nothing, what could the US do to stop the Turkish invasion.

“They were determined to do this, regardless of what we have done. We thought it was clever. It was my recommendation. I know, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff have agreed. We should not use the U.S. armed forces between Turkish advance,” Esper said. “We are talking here of less than 50, more like two dozen. There is no way to stop the 15,000 Turks could runs you to the South.


Asked whether Turkey had acted as a NATO ally, Esper, she was open, “The arc of your behavior in the last few years has been terrible. I mean, they rotate out of the Western orbit, so if you want,” Esper said.

The situation in Syria, after Turkey gets a invasion “worse from hour to hour,” he added.

Esper said ordered Trump to draw around two dozen US troops back to the border with Turkey, from Syria to avoid border that can be “caught”, the Russian and Iranian-backed Syrian troops push to the North and Turkish troops to the South moved.

Meanwhile, U.S. officials Turkish “propaganda”, as the press of the narrative, the escape of hundreds of ISIS fighters or were dismissed from Kurdish-run prisons in Syria quote.

The officials say Fox News Turkish artillery are Kurdish forces “deliberately” shelling-run prisons in Syria, so that ISIS-escape fighters.

Turkey calls 800 ISIS fighters fled to the border town of Tal Abyad, but the local prison held only a “few dozen”,” ISIS detainees, a US official told Fox News as an example of, as he called it, “Turkish propaganda”.

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