The P. C. Hooft prize, the 2020 will go to the author’s Maxim-February

The P. C. Hooft prize, is next year It is February. A five-member panel of the board of directors of the P. C. Hooft prize for Literature, has on Monday decided that the award will be in 2020 are awarded to the reflective narrative of the author, and philosopher.

The jury described the work of February, at which a guest was in the most recent issue of the Summer, “an effective dam against the uniformity, certainty, and firm than.

In the book, and The enhancement of man. Notes on transsexuality has been praised by the judging panel. “But on each and every page of the book, it is palpable that the only one that the transition has gone so lucid, funny, witty, obstinate and not in the least, rather touching on that could write it. Thus, it may only be February, that’s it, ‘ says the jury.

“In addition, it offers style, as well as the forms that, ironically, make it possible without having to be reduced to sarcasm, and not in the least self-deprecating humor without it degenerating into vanity.”

The 56-year-old author, who was born a woman, wrote several essays and novels, including The sons of the views.

In February, the price on a may 26, 2020, to receive, during a ceremony in the Hague’s theater Diligentia. The award is in the amount of € 60,000.

The P. C. Hooft prize, one of the most important oeuvreprijzen for Dutch-speaking authors, and is awarded annually. The prize will be alternately awarded to prose, poetry, and essayschrijvers. The recent winners in the category of Bas Heijne (2017), and Willem-Jan Otten (2014). The 99-year-old, Marga Minco, won the award in 2019.

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