The number of building Hongkongers rising after a restless weekend, at 1.117

The hong kong police over the weekend to 159 protesters were arrested. This brings the total number of arrests in the ongoing turmoil, 1.117, reports Hong Kong’s Free Press on Monday.

The police department describes as the chaos of the weekend as a ‘disaster’ for hong Kong, according to the independent news site. In addition, the agents including a 241 traangasbusjes 92 rubberkogels used.

Saturday had a police water cannon with blue-colored water is used to get the protesters to highlight it. To this end, it was decided that once members of a banned demonstration against the bricks, and molotov cocktails were thrown.

The protesters have set more than eighty-molotov cocktails were thrown, police said. A regeringsmedewerker was, on Monday, announced that Saturday, there was a thirteen year old boy, was picked up at the train station. He had two molotov cocktails with them.


Police in hong Kong to mark protestors with paint

The Chaos on the roads leading to the airport

During the demonstrations this past weekend were in many ways very busy. Also, barricades have been raised at the international airport, giving passengers with their luggage across the highway from the airport for a couple of days.

Sixteen people (18 to 39 years of age), who over the weekend have been arrested, according to Hong Kong’s Free Press continued to relschoppen. If convicted, they should get a prison sentence of up to ten years to live.

How many injuries there are some cases, it is not well known.

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How can hong Kong ever-tougher action against the ongoing protests

Students will have two weeks to play truant

Hongkongers take all four weeks of action. They require, inter alia, the withdrawal of a controversial uitleveringswetsvoorstel, and an independent inquiry into police brutality. There are every day demonstrations to take place. On Monday and Tuesday, there will be a general strike.

Tens of thousands of students Monday for the first day of the new academic year, skipped class. They have a plan for the next two weeks to protest against them, lessons to. According to local media, in addition to approximately one thousand students for the first day of class will be skipped.

The students played a rather large role in the Occupy protests in 2014. They had to spend weeks in the financial heart of hong Kong, wish to submit in the area, day and night, and to occupy it. The action for democracy, took place after 79 days, when support for the occupation because of the adverse economic implications began to crumble.

Tens of thousands of students in a protest march. (Photo: Getty Images)


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