The nostalgic fun fair: Back to the past in present hectic time

The nostalgic fun fair: Back to the past in present hectic time

Those who think that it is fair especially when it comes to faster, higher and more exciting has got it wrong. People’s desire understand back to the old-fashioned merry-go-round, the rupsbaan and the ferris wheel, tell different experts

Lauran Wijffels, journalist and kermisexpert, was already in 1990 and the initiator of the nostalgic funfair in Tilburg. The ten-day fair, which launches on Friday, the largest in the Benelux.

“I missed the nostalgia: it was turbo here, turbo there,” says Wijffels. “The youth must do everything fast and hard, that is for decades. But it takes a time, because the human body also has its limitations. Attractions going ever faster, but do you think it’s still fun when you after last week of being out of such a mill? And it’s more fun to 80 feet and going over 70? I think the border a little bit.”

To give that longing to the past, is in Tilburg, a separate square is decorated with about thirty nostalgic attractions, such as a caterpillar, carousel and paardencarrousel.

For Wijffels also plays that you can quietly sit and talk with the people around you. “It is a relief to find peace in the herriewoestijn and a good chat while enjoying a zuurstok.”


According to Frank van der Vorst, who have many years of was but now acts as an intermediary between operators and municipalities or other interested parties that a fair want, is the demand for nostalgic fairgrounds was indeed huge. “People are more oriented to the past than to the future.”

Van der Vorst will see the recent years a shift in the kermiswereld. “Small fairs disappear, but in villages like private individuals or entrepreneurs like to have such a fair return,” he says.

“I think you twenty years ago, about 1,300 fairs per year in the Netherlands, and now there are still about 800. The number of amusement parks has in the meantime increased; you can see that parks is partially the function of a fun fair take over.”

Where you used to ten operators had for ten rides, is now in some villages, a complete fun fair hire. “That is all under the same denominator and is much easier to organize.”

A nostalgic fun fair fit according to Van der Vorst very well in cities with a historic city centre. “Often, the price is also interesting. The fares are low, while for a regular attraction soon several euros neertelt. It is actually a golden formula.”

What Van der Vorst, in itself, the most rent, is the ‘flying bank’, in which people in a row sit. “That is fairly easy to build on and within an hour, so that is would be very interesting. And that’s often.”


Three nostalgic fairground rides in the picture

Tilburg fun fair

In Tilburg a total of 230 fairground rides, to find. “And then counts the poffertjeskraam to the attraction”, says spokesperson Irma Galama. They agreed that the nostalgic fun fair is popular, but the church has this year, for the first time also a new attraction that is the height.

“We have a ‘dinner in the sky’.” Guests are then with a cherry picker 50 feet lifted into the air, where they can then dine. “The same platform is used for a ‘concert in the sky’ and for people who want to bungee jump.”

Furthermore, there is a tower of 90 meters high, where guests can pass through it with a pair of 3D glasses. “In each space you come into a kind of other world,” says Galama. An attraction which according to her lasts for many years and always remains fun, is the camel race. “There I go with colleagues by default, go.”

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