The Norwegian police believe that Arjen Kamphuis has been killed in kajakongeluk

The Norwegian police have in the investigation since August of last year the missing Blind, Arjen Kamphuis concluded. The researchers concluded that he was likely to die in a kajakongeluk. They think that it is the body of the Dutchman in the ocean, too.

Although it is a kajakongeluk to be one of the most probable scenarios, where the Norwegian police went out, it was also taken into account with a criminal offense, or that Kamphuis is intentionally had hidden.

This was due to the fact that the mobile phone to the Dutchman on the 30th of August, about twenty minutes has made contact with a cell tower in the in the south of France. After that, the sim card is removed, and it was with a German sim card in the device is to be placed.

The police have now traced two of the Eastern European lorry drivers who, at the time when the fjords were, the phone will have to be found. It is believed that the items were disposed of and the names of the objects, and then join in. They have a reason later on to Stavanger, a city in the south-west of France.

The Norwegian police has no suspect that the two drivers might have something to do with the work of Kamphuis.

Kamphuis wanted to go kayaking in the fjords of Norway

Kamphuis was on holiday in Norway, and it would be on the 22nd of August and will return to your home country, but no one did anything to him or heard from again. He was last seen when he was on the 20th of August, uitcheckte out of the hotel in Bodø.

In mid-september, a number of things Kamphuis have been found in the vicinity of the small mountain Kvaenflaget between Fauske and Rognan.

It came in a folding kayak. Kamphuis had the water in a kayak, bought at a vacation in the fjords of Norway, go kayaking and canoeing.


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