The North Carolina police, Jordan Shelton, is proud to be an American and will always be ‘first to respond’, says father

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The K9 Officer, Jordan Shelton, was shot and killed while conducting a traffic stop on May 4, 2019. Officer Shelton also served for six years with the Mooresville Police Department in North Carolina. He is survived by his parents, a sister, a brother and a fiance.

Harry Sheldon says that he was sitting out in Charleston, S. C., on the day, while sipping a cup of tea with his family, when he heard the sound of the commotion. His 15-year-old son, Jordan, sprang into action.

As a young man in the vicinity of South Carolina’s historic Mills House Hotel and restaurant, had been “banging his girlfriend and she was screaming ‘help me!'” Sheldon remembers. Within a few minutes, Jordan, “hit him in the mouth” and “knock him back down again at the knee of the attacker’s throat and warning him to stay until the police arrived.


Shelton told Fox News that the memories of this one on Jordan, let’s see how, since he was a small boy, he was “the first to leave a comment.”

Now, 17 years later, Shelton is in mourning over the loss of his son, who went on to become a North Carolina police officer, and he was shot dead on May 4 in the line of duty while trying to do what the government called a “routine traffic stop just outside of town.

Jordan, Sheldon, who served with the Mooresville Police Department for six years, and was a part of a strong K9 unit. Authorities have disclosed few details about his death than his alleged killer was later found dead in an apartment from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Jordan and Sheldon have formed a close relationship with the dogs from the Mooresville Police Department K9 Unit.
(Mooresville Police Department)


On the night of the traffic stop, and Harry said that the 32-year-old son, who was not in a position to get a button to press in order to have a dog, a Bunny, on the back of his patrol vehicle.

“His dog was out of his mind. His dog tore up the whole inside of the metal, the wires, all – of – the- seat – of trying to get you to come to the rescue, Jordan,” Lawrence told Fox News. “And that’s when she came to him, and Rajiv’s body was still on the ground, and he was crying.”

Harry described his son’s killing as “senseless” and “evil”.

Officer Shelton’s police cruiser, was laid out after his death.
(Mooresville Police Department)

As a young boy growing up in the neighborhood of the Jordan, and enjoyed playing football, baseball, and football. Harry said that he had come from a long line of proud Americans,” and had family members who had served in world War ii and the Korean War.

Harry, said Jordan had tried to join the army, but also the entry into a marine Corps ROTC program. But it is a secret the medical condition that meant that the dream would not be realized.

“And he said,” Dad, they kicked me out and wouldn’t let me serve you,'” Lawrence told Fox News. “I said,” Son, if God closes a door, another one opens.’ He wanted to be a Marine, and he couldn’t do it. So it was that he was the next best thing, he thought, as a police officer.”

Officer Andrew Beck, which is adjacent to Berkeley on the Mooresville Police Department, which, during his memorial service in mid-May, when a man who had a flaming heart and the soul of a warrior” and who “was afraid of nothing.”

“We met each other. We are going through difficult days, dangerous days,” Beck said. “There is no better than Sheldon, and I can promise you that. Every day, we’re in it for the education, it could be 97 degrees outside, he’s stuck with us.”

Sheldon is survived by his mother, father, step-mother, step-father, sister, brother, and fiance with, among other close family members. Some of his remains will be interned beside those of his late grandfather, Paul.

“You have to know that my son, who was a patriot,” said Harry, with an emphasis on how he “loved his family, and his grandfather, who fought on the beaches of Iwo Jima, his family’s heritage and his name.”

Mooresville, Officer Andrew Beck has described Jordan as ” a guy who had a flaming heart and the soul of a warrior.”
(Mooresville Police Department)


“I’m extremely proud of Junior, and the men and women who have poured out of his body, and tried to keep him alive,” Harry told Fox News.

“We are pleased that the home page is, where is,” he added, “is to walk the beat in Heaven”.

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