The new Zealand cease to search for victims of volcanic eruption

The police in New Zealand stopped searching for two people reported missing were after the eruption of the volcano of White Island earlier this month.

The police are going to assume that the last two of them are no longer alive. The number of deaths as a result of the volcanic eruption might this nineteen-year-out.

It’s going to be a seventeen-year-old tourist from Australia and a forty-year tour of New Zealand. In all likelihood, be in their bodies in the ocean surrounding the island, too.

At the beginning of the month, and the volcano of White Island’s eruption. There were, at the time of the eruption, especially to 47 of the tourists to the volcano island. Thirteen people were killed. More than thirty people were killed or wounded.

Last week, six deaths brought to the surface. The bodies of the two missing persons were not to be found on the island.

White Island is an active volcano. The police are investigating as to why the tourists on the island should have been, as there is a risk of a volcanic eruption was made. It is in New Zealand, the volcanic island has been a popular location for day trips.

40Nieuw Zealand, cease to search, due to the new activity of the volcano

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