The new ‘safe zone,’ guarantees that for the time being no peace in the north-East of Syria

The new “safe haven” turns out to be no guarantee of peace in the north-East of Syria. Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s dispute with the Russian promise that the Kurdish fighters from the area had left. He said that Turkey and possible relatives, on their own initiative, out of the way.

Meanwhile, reports Reuters news agency that Wednesday’s clashes to take place between the Turkish militia, the free Syrian army and president Bashar Al Assad.

Russia and Turkey are the locks on Tuesday of last week reached an agreement on a “safe zone” in the north-East of Syria. It runs along the border with Turkey and 30 km in depth. The agreement follows a five-day cease-fire negotiated by the Americans.

Because the safe zone is, so far, the relative wind may arise in the event. The question is, or soon will end.

The Turkish troops would in the meantime on Wednesday in a battle to be struck with the free Syrian army of Al-Assad, says the Syrian staatsomroep. This is confirmed by insurgents in a mission of Turkey to fight. The army of Assad, after the departure of the Americans, entered into a covenant with the Kurds to be of Turkish popularity in the region is to occur.

Provided for in the agreement from the safe harbour, it was Russia, it would ensure that all of the Old warriors of within the 150 hours, out of the zone would be, and friendly. On Tuesday notified Russia that it is free from the Kurdish armed forces, but History pulls it in the shadow of a doubt.

The Turkish president is saying the information that there was another of the fighters from the YPG militia in the area. Erdogan sees the group as a terrorist organization and a threat to Turkish national security.

The kurds fear both the free Syrian army and Turkey

Turkey and Russia will be Friday, a joint foot patrol in the area to perform. If it turns out that there are still hostile elements in the region, Turkey will have the right to have “our own operations, and to undertake it,” said Erdogan at the Turkish parliament.

After the withdrawal of Us troops from the region, it seems that the Kurdish population caught in the middle of the Turkey and the free Syrian army. Local Kurds told The Washington Post, have much to fear from both parties, as the Syrian army to help them will be seen as traitors and separatists. Turkey had supported the Arab and Turkmen militias would be in addition to a strong anti-Kurdish, of. In the meantime would be more than 200,000 residents in the area that don’t belong to.

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The us troops saw the war crimes trials

The images that are out of the area, seem to show that the Kurdish fighters, maimed and summarily executed by the Turkish militia, reported The Guardian. The us troops would be in addition to witnesses of the war crimes committed by the Turkish militias, the U.s. special envoy for Syria, James Jeffrey was previously at the Conference.

The Kurdish population in fear as possible and also to get revenge because of the treatment of the Arab inhabitants of the area. Human rights organizations, Amnesty international and the Euro-Med wrote on such killings by the Kurdish militia, and the destruction of the towns and villages of the Arab inhabitants in the year 2015.

U.S. army protects the oil fields in Eastern Syria

The American president-when He went early in the month, after a telephone conversation with the History of the American troops in the north-East of Syria, is back. Critics said it was “a betrayal” against the Kurds, which is a long time, as the shock troops served in the U.s. fight against the Islamic State (IS),

He promised to do his best for the Us troops to go home would be to send. On Monday, the Us Defence secretary, Mark T. Esper, that the military will be moved to the oil fields in eastern Syria, this IS to protect them. Recently, large groups of IS fighters from the Kurdish prisons are released after the Turkish invasion.


Syrians pelt Us cars to depart from the region


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