The new Pokémon games, the Sword and the Shield, will appear on the 15th of november

Nintendo on Friday during a Nintendo Direct broadcast, and more information will be announced on the Pokémon Game and Pokémon the protection. The games will appear on the 15th of november, for the Nintendo Matrix.

To be on the show, some new footage of the pokemon games. It is clear that the players in the big stadiums against other trainers to fight. Also, is there any new shows you how to play with the name of Dynamax, which Pokémons are much larger and more powerful.

The large versions of the creatures that can be shared with up to three other players in combat. This is a so-called Raid, the picture of the Pokémon series.

In the Pokémon Game, and Pokémon is the protection for the player, as in the previous sections, the intention is to have new monsters to capture, train them and fight other trainers to fight, in order, ultimately, to become a champion.

What is new is the open tracts of land that players have to traverse in order to Pokémons to catch it. In the earlier parts of these routes are always linear and pass. At this time, players control their own itinerary, and it depends on the camera is not tilted on top of the character, but it is all the way in order to make the character move around.


Nintendo, presents, shows you how to play the new Pokémon games are in the trailer

The new monsters

Nintendo has had some of the new Pokémons, including the addition of two new monsters Zacian and Zamazenta. These wolf creatures, legendary appearances, which the game titles are designed to do. The one with a sword and in the other a shield.

Pokémon Game and Pokémon the protection of his first full-Pokémon-role-playing since the release of the Pokémon, Ultra, Sun, and Pokémon, the Ultra Moon. That is, games released in 2017.

The new parts are in the first full game for the Nintendo Switch, in addition to the two Pokémon, ” Let’s Go to games, which are simpler and more modern versions of the old Pokémon Yellow.

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