The new book is going to be in on the alleged sexual abuse of Harvey Weinstein

Two of the editors of The New York Times, have written a book about the sexual abuse, that Harvey Weinstein should’ve been made. It also focuses on the variety of complaints made to the address of the former Hollywoodproducent, writes in Variety on Sunday.

One of the revelations in the book is that the Weinsteins, brother Bob, two years before the scandal came out and begged for help for his behaviour

The book, which is Tuesday, is released, is called the She Said:, Breaking the Sexual Harassment Story That Helped Ignite a Movement, and it was written by Jodi Kator, and Megan Twohey. Two words to describe how Bob Weinstein and his brother, warned by a letter.

“You have to have in the family, and your business, put to shame, and your misconduct is always good to try to talk it out. If you think that there is anything wrong with your behavior, you can do it as well to your wife and the rest of the family will tell you,” said Bob Weinstein, who, along with Harvey Weinstein’s production company, Miramax to set up.

The producers would have wanted his brother to have a medical treatment to undergo and issues to address.

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The book describes how the Weinstein staff members troubled

A former high-ranking employee of the Weinstein Company, which is Also The, will be the word. The gave the reporters an internal memo in which a colleague is expanded to describe how the Weinstein I remember lastigviel.

The book also tells the Weinsteins, former assistant Rowena Chiu and that they have an allowance for her to stop talking about her boss and her aanrandde in a hotel room. Chiu said, after the incident in the depression to be ended and multiple suicide attempts, and to have done so.


Anyone who is of the controversial Harvey Weinstein, exactly?

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