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So to fly from Phoenix to New York is really a bummer, isn’t it?

The Wall Street Journal has reported that the position of the nation’s ” best and worst airports, as well as other similar rankings over the past few years, the New York-area airports have been determined to be the absolute worst part of it.

New york city Airport, which is ranked at 30, according to the WSJ, the calculations actually came out to JFK or Newark Liberty, though all three ended up at the bottom of the list.
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On the other hand, the Magazine loading to the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport as well as at the top of the list, and thanks for the link. – improved the average Yelp rating for restaurants is a great investment in a faster Wi-Fi internet access included, caused by the complaints of the customers,” the outlet writes.


To arrive at its findings, the Wall Street Journal asked more than 2,500 of its readers in every room, it is said to have filled out a detailed questionnaire” about their recent experience at one of the 20 largest airports, as well as a 20 “medium-sized” airport. WSJ, then split the ranking into two categories, “because a lot of usb hubs really are a challenge,” says the outlet.

The airports were judged in 15 different categories, with five questions relating to the activities, five of which are related to the value of five, with regard to the ease of use. The scores were then added up to arrive at the WSJ out of the way.


Phoenix-Sky Harbor, which is located at the top of the “big” airport of the ranking, obtained a score of 72.22. In doing so, it can also be knocked out of the International Airport in Denver to the No. 1 position, where it is ranked in the WSJ’s 2018 polls to No. 2, with a score of 68.47.

“It’s great to see how the Airport is acknowledged for its focus on customer service, reliability, and easy to use on a national platform,” Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego said later in a press release. “This is a strong testament to both our employees and the airport, as well as hundreds of volunteer Navigators who donate their time at the phoenix Sky Harbor.”

“This is a strong testament to both our employees and the airport, as well as hundreds of volunteer Navigators who donate their time at the phoenix Sky Harbor.”

Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego

If it’s going to be in the “medium-sized” airports, the WSJ ranked Tampa International Airport as the first one (62.36), then, in the second place, due to both the International Airport and the Portland International Airport, Austin-Bergstrom (both of which scored 60.42.)


However, at the bottom of the two lists, as mentioned above, the three major air hubs that serve the New York City area. LaGuardia Airport is ranked a dismal 30th, according to the WSJ’s calculations, which would be enough to make it to the bottom of the “medium-sized” airport to the list. But that’s nothing compared to JFK International Airport or Newark Liberty International Airport, which ended up at the bottom of the “big” airport is ranked by the scores of 28.75, and 22.78, respectively.

“We know that We have a very, very, very, very long way to go,” admitted Rick Cotton, the executive director of the port authority, in response on the WSJ, it is the final league table. “With the new facilities and a renewed focus on the customer and passenger experience, we may be on the back of the pack at the first class.”

Newark liberty international airport, passengers are in a panic, evacuated by active shooter scare

Chaos broke out when the Terminal is in the airport (Newark Liberty International Airport was evacuated on Monday night about an active shooter to enjoy.

WSJ is also recognized that, in the New York area’s airports are currently $24 billion, make-overs, which are aimed at the improvement of the business and the customer experience.


However, this is not the first time the New York city airports are doing poorly in a league table of the us air hubs. In May, it is situated in the heart of Liberty, was called in to work in the nation by AirHelp. And, in a Sept. By 2018, that J. D. Power ranked in new york city and JFK are the two worst, as in jamaica, new york is doing a little better, coming in 14th out of 19 airports will be studied.

For a complete list of the top 40 major airports and their 2019 at the latest rankings, please visit

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