The netherlands’s main xi a place in the UEFA coëfficiëntenlijst

The netherlands has a Thursday night and thanks to the team of PSV eindhoven and Feyenoord and a draw from the a-Z of the important eleventh place in the coëfficiëntenlijst of the post and taken over by a competitor in Austria.

The Netherlands is the eleventh in this season, it is held, should be the champion of 2021 is almost certainly directly in the uefa Champions League. Due to the performance of the previous year – in particular, Ajax-got a lot of points is going to be the champion of this season, as well as a Champions League ticket.

Prior to the European championships this week, the rankings are still 0,275 period in Germany. Due to the results of PSV, Feyenoord and AZ are both in the draw by Ajax in the FIRST of the Tuesday took us to land of 0.5 of a point.

On behalf of Austria, came out on Thursday, no club in action on Tuesday seized LASK in the play-offs of the uefa Champions League, in addition to the points by 0 to 1 to lose to Club Brugge. Later in the season the streams for RB Salzburg (uefa Champions League) and Wolfsberger AC (Europa League) still continue to be a European for in.

Bonus points for a Champions League ticket

In the post-coëfficiëntenlijst is a win worth two points and a draw one-half of a point. The total number of points earned will be divided by the number of teams in each country at the beginning of the season, a European asset – in the case of the Netherlands, it is five – and that will lead to the scores in the ranking.

The games of Ajax and LASK are very important with regard to the coëfficiëntenlijst, as an entry into the main draw of the Champions League brings, converted by 0.8 point bonus on it.

The winners in the play-offs of the uefa Champions League and the Europa League the following week.

The Top 15 of the UEFA coëfficiëntenlijst

  • 1. Spain – 86.355 points
  • 2. United kingdom – 74.891
  • 3. In germany, 58.927
  • 4. Italy: 58.510
  • 5. France: 50.248
  • 6. Russia 42.716
  • 7. Portugal 41.649
  • 8. Belgium – 32.600
  • 9. Ukraine – 30.600
  • 10. Turkey – 30.400
  • 11. The netherlands, 28.750
  • 12. Austria: 28.525
  • 13. Czech republic – 25.900
  • 14. Denmark – 25.750
  • 15. Cyprus – 25.000

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