The netherlands will examine whether it IS fighters, still in Iraq are brought to justice, may be

The netherlands investigates Iraq, IS fighters, still in that country are brought to justice, may be, to confirm the sources to the news agency REUTERS from the date of notification of the NRC. Minister Stef Blok (Foreign Affairs), argues more for a separate international tribunal, that IS, to defeat the enemy in the Middle East and brought to justice. This suggestion seems to be, however, because Russia is banned, according to the newspaper.

Syria and Iraq, to recognize the International criminal court (Icc) not to, and to fit still, the death penalty, where the Netherlands is firmly opposed to it. The block is claiming to be a possible co-operation, that IS, the fighters that the sentence is in any case not be imposed, according to the NRC.

In Iraq, it would be about 20,000, IS militants are stuck. For the most part, the Iraqi citizen. Only a thousand of the people were from foreign countries are coming from. It is not clear how many Dutch people are in that group. In the North of Syria, are most likely tens of thousands of IS fighters, which will soon be in Iraq in the environment.

According to the intelligence service AIVD has been more than three hundred visitors to the battlefield in Iraq and Syria have to be patient. This is a part of (the fifty) has returned to the Netherlands and to be a part of family.

The proposal will on Thursday be discussed at the United Nations

Thursday’s meeting with Block and his Iraqi counterpart Ali Alhakim to each other in New York city at the United Nations. Ministers, diplomats and other twenty more countries to join the meeting to discuss the proposal and to talk to.

In the past few months, it would Block arranged in contact with Alhakim, wrote in the NRC handelsblad newspaper. According to him, it would be no less than fifty countries, would benefit from a joint venture for the disposal of militants.

The block had earlier in the week, hinting that such a collaboration is feasible, since the subject matter for Iraq to be discussed, and that the U.s. government would like to help with the organization. The netherlands have several times to let me know that, for a variety of reasons, it IS campaigners want to see a return.


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