The nest new smart home camera can you zoom and enhance, for real

In the battle for control of your smart home, Nest just dropped some serious artillery in the form of a new home security camera. Called the Nest Cam IQ, and its loaded with advanced imaging tech that can clear of some of the biggest complaints with home security cameras.

The Cam-IQ is built around a 4K imaging sensor, making it four times the number of pixels as a Full HD 1080p camera. But instead of shoot and record in 4K-that would eat bandwidth, and is overkill for most situations, the camera captures two individual fields and combine them into one 1080p frame, capturing a greater dynamic range than would otherwise be possible. This should help even the lighting in the rooms where bright windows can throw off a camera’s autoexposure.

In addition, all those extra pixels give the users a greater ability to zoom in digitally on the image. Impressive, Nest claims that you can zoom in up to 12x maintaining 1080p resolution. What’s more, the Supersight feature that can detect when someone is in your house and automatically zoom in and follow, while the full, 130 degrees viewing angle be used simultaneously.

The camera has infrared night vision and enhanced audio capabilities with three microphones and a louder speaker, so you will be able to see things clearly at any time of the day and talk with everyone in your house. Two-way audio is not currently available, but will be coming later this year.

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Nest Aware members get extra advantages such as face detection and intelligent audio warnings. Face detection is just as it sounds, and makes use of cloud processing to learn the faces of the family members in order to make a distinction between them and a burglar. Even without a Nest Aware subscription, the Cam IQ is powerful enough to at least recognize the difference between a human face and a dog face. The intelligent audio alert system, listen to sounds and know the difference between a dog barking and a human voice, and send various alerts accordingly.

The Nest Cam IQ is available for pre-order now from the Nest directly. The price is $299, but users interested in multiple cameras, can save money by purchasing a two-pack for $ 498.

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