The nervous Dotan receive a warm welcome at the ‘comebackconcert’ at Paradiso, amsterdam

While Dotan has already several times occurred, in the big Dutch music venues, and even, once, in Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome, it was his first concert in Paradiso, amsterdam, on Monday night, according to the singer himself was “exciting”. It was the first time that he was on stage in the Netherlands, came after the image, bumped down by the trollenschandaal’. Are the fans in the sold-out pop-temple, gave him a warm welcome.

Before Dotan is a note-able to sing, and he receives a loud round of applause from the present fans around the world. The possibility of a singer is to get away from the crowd, but recovered himself, and sings on two songs, and then smiling at him and breaks down.

“I don’t think I don’t have to explain why I am so grateful that I’m here tonight to stand”, says the singer. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart that you’re all here.”

He also apologizes for his nerves, and insists that he is in the music and want to help. He decided to use no words in getting to the storm of criticism, in which he came to as the “Volkskrant” published an article that revealed that the singer’s false profiles on social media for career development.

Dotan doesn’t talk about trollenschandaal, but wants the music to speak

The newspaper de Volkskrant reported that the accounts provided by Dotans the team were controlled, the criticism expressed to fellow musicians, and invented stories of the world have helped, including a never-happened encounter between the singer and a young leukemiepatiënt. Dotan has had its reputation to plummet, and have a successful career in music seemed possible in the past.

Earlier this year, he came back with the single, Numb, and he gave interviews on the radio station Q Music in the program, Which Is De Mol? Johnny de Mol. The singer apologized for the way things are in his or her career and decides to take it a stage to not have to rake up. “There has been plenty of talk, and not just by myself,” he says, and for a new players with the words: “No words, “silence”, ” I ” ll just let the music speak.”

The singer takes the opportunity to get some new material to present. The lead singer brought out, since 2014 is not a new album, and more. In addition to the latest singles, and Numb, and Letting Go, he brings the songs to be played, which is usually the conclusion of a difficult period of time similar to, and likely to be part of a soon to be released album.

His fans around the world turn out to be the lyrics of the earlier songs such as Let The River and the Tracks had not been forgotten, as they are the top of their lungs sang. The same is true for his second single, “Home”, which, according to the singer, never been so apt as during the concert in Paradiso, amsterdam.

He was a complete a cappella rendition of the 7 Layers, and comebacksingle Numb. Dotan promised his fans that the next time it won’t, as long as at him, waiting. “Go, we’ll leave this for next year and do it again!”

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