The NBA was forced to lay off because of the commotion all of the media events of the tour in China

The CONFERENCE has a Friday to have a line put in by all the media events that have been planned were it during the current tour of China. The cause of the rift between the Us basketbalbond, and the Asian country.

To prevent further escalation, the CONFERENCE decided to make all of the clubs that are currently in use in China to stay – the Los Angeles Lakers and the Brooklyn Nets – to keep out the wind. For a second, but in between the clubs is still, however, get through.

“They are in a complex and unknown situation while in the foreign country, sitting. We would also be unfair to find out now they are asking for something, in this case, to mean” will the bond last Friday.

The conflict began more recently, a tweet from Houston Rockets-director, Daryl Morey, who is the support expressed for the protesters in hong Kong, where it has been for months just. The protesters believe that the government in Beijing too much influence on hong Kong.

Morey removed his button and both blinds folded quickly, but the damage had already been done to the Rockets and the NBA, who have significant financial interests in China. The two Chinese sponsors, and stopped the co-operation with the line-Up, and the staatsomroep does not transmit the matches, more of them.

Among others, the coaches Steve Kerr (Golden State Warriors) and Gregg Popovich (San Antonio Spurs) were asked for their views, but they have decided not to act, which, in turn, to the anger sparked by the Us president, Donald Trump.

Left, Gregg Popovich, and on the right is Steve Kerr, who, as the critics of Donald Trump, shall apply. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

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