The mysterious ‘sailing stones’ existed about 200 million years ago, dinosaur and fossil show

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A stone slab with the footprints can also include the keeping of a cloth made of stone, scientists announced this week.

The album, which has been on display since it opened its doors in 1896, the tracks of a Brontosaurus’s predecessor, who lived in the Early Jurassic period, according to the researchers.

However, the sail rock was not discovered until at least 2017, by paleontologist Paul Olsen of the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University, and his colleagues.

Sailing stones, rocks and boulders, which move across landscapes without the aid of the force of gravity, humans and animals. They usually leave the tracks the way they are.


This slab of stone has been on display since 1896, it is evident from the scaly shoes of a prosauropod dinosaur. Scientists have only recently come to realize is that the deep slots on the left side of the track, a footprint on a rock.
(Hush, R. S., 1915)


Olsen and his colleagues believe, is in the path of the rock could be evidence of a short freeze event in the tropics, with some 200 million years ago, the first time that a volcanic winter in the damp tropics, at the beginning of the dinosaur age.

According to a statement from the university, he and his colleagues believe that the limestone was deposited during the latest in a series of outbursts that have led to a mass extinction.

“This may be evidence of the cooling caused by the volcanic winter,” says Olsen.

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