The mysterious medieval warrior were found in a Viking burial site, not really a Viking

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A mysterious female warrior has been discovered in a Viking grave in Denmark, it was originally thought to be a Viking. But now, researchers have found a surprising discovery of this fierce warrior, who died more than 1,000 years ago, it wasn’t really a Viking.

According to the researchers, from Poland’s Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the woman was probably a Slav, originating from an area in Eastern Europe that is now present in Poland.

The presence of Slavic warriors in Denmark was more important than was previously thought; and this view according to new research,” Dr Leszek Gardeła of the Department of Scandinavian Languages and Literature at the University of Bonn, germany, said in a statement.

Dr. Leszek Gardeła the examination of the axe head was found in a woman’s grave in the west of Ireland. (Credit: Florence Fricke)


Dr. Gardeła that the revelation is not surprising. “In the middle Ages, the island is a melting pot of Slavic and Scandinavian elements.”

Even though the woman in the grave was the only one with a gun, an axe, investigators found an Arabic coin from the 10th century, the addition of a proof-of-age.

In spite of the identification of the woman is thought to have been a warrior, and it is not clear how they died.

“Fortunately, in the case of the tomb of the so-called Slavs of the woman’s bones, have survived, but no injuries are visible, which may point to the cause of death,” Dr. Gardeła he said.

An artist’s illustration of the tomb in the Bogøvej, Langeland, Denmark. (Mirosław Kuźma)

The tomb is one of the many fascinating archeological discoveries from the time of the Vikings. Earlier this year, archaeologists have confirmed that a grave containing the skeleton of a Viking warrior, and we have always believed that the man was indeed a woman.

Last year, the Viking “Thor’s hammer” was found in Iceland, archaeologists in Norway using ground-penetrating radar technology to uncover a rare ship.

Also, in 2018, an 8-year-old girl has discovered a 1,500-year-old sword in a Swedish lake and it is an incredible treasure trove of silver treasure, and is linked to the age of the famous Viking king, was found on an island in the Baltic Sea. Hundreds of 1,000-year-old silver coins, rings, beads and bangles were found on the German island of Rügen.


In 2017, there is an incredibly well-preserved Viking sword, the sword was found by one hunter in a remote mountain in the South of France. In 2016, archaeologists in the science and technology, Trondheim, Norway, spain, has been excavated in the church, where the Viking King, Olaf Haraldsson was the first to be portrayed as a saint.


Fox News’ James Rogers contributed to this story.

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