The mysterious ‘bad rings’ around some of the lakes on Titan could be made out of alien crystal,’ says study

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Saturn’s moon Titan has fascinated scientists, as it contains lakes, of which the characteristics are similar to those on Earth, and it is the only celestial body in the solar system, to the surface of the liquid.

In the regions of the moon, where the liquid is evaporated, the dark spots have been spotted, the researchers believe that it works in a similar way as the “bathtub ring,” and they can be made of alien crystals.”

In the study, the theory is the work of researchers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and has been published in the American Geophysical Union and will be presented at the 2019 Astrobiology Science Conference. To the scientists, methane, ethane, and “other carbon-containing molecules in a room that was bone-crunchingly cold temperatures in order to replicate the conditions on Titan.

A false-color, near-infrared view of Titan’s northern hemisphere had been collected by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft show the moon’s seas and lakes. The orange areas are in the vicinity of a number of of them may be deposits of organic evaporite minerals that are left behind by the receding liquid carbon dioxide. (Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech / Space Science Institute)


“We have found that one-third of the molecular mineral that is stable under the same conditions are present on the surface of Titan, a moon of Saturn,” the researchers wrote in the abstract. “The molecular and the mineral it is made of, acetylene, and butane, the two organic molecules, which are produced in Titan’s atmosphere and fall down on the surface. We call this the molecular of minerals”, because they behave just like minerals do on Earth, but instead of that, that things, such as carbonates or silicates, and they are made up of organic compounds.”

Finally, the researchers have discovered new compounds and minerals that are not seen on the Earth, including that of a co-crystal,, made of solid acetylene, and butane,” said a statement.

It is also possible that the crystal is made of, acetylene, and butane, and is most common on Titan, the researchers added in the statement, given what is currently known about the earth’s moon.

“This is the most recent of which is likely to be much more abundant on Titan’s surface, both the acetylene and butane are assumed to be of the very common” the researchers added in the abstract. “In particular, we believe that the ‘bad rings’ around some of the lakes on the Titan can be made out of this material, and, as acetylene, and butane are both dissolve in liquid methane and ethane, in comparison to the other ones.”

“We don’t know yet if we are to have this bathtub rings,” said the study’s lead author and NASA JPL, researcher, Morgan Cable, in a statement. “It’s hard to see through Titan’s hazy atmosphere.

The researchers said that further study of Titan, it is necessary to determine whether or not the flag is there, that is for the spacecraft to verify that the lakes are at the base.


In the past few months, a new observation of Saturn and Titan, have been made, including the previously mentioned verse, it has rained, as a result, a reflective function, in the vicinity of the north pole of the moon. Dust storms were also found on the Titan for the first time ever, raising the prospect that the storm could be a precursor to extra-terrestrial life on the planet.

In 2017, after a 13-year study of the planet, This is deliberately plunged into Saturn’s atmosphere in September 2017.


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