The mother, who almost died after the birth of share point, she came to her new-born son, ” Luka and I had each other you’ll be

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A Missouri mother who almost lost her son at 8 months pregnant as a result of a rare complication, and then underwent life-saving surgery after his premature birth and told the nurses arranged for her to meet her new baby before she went in for the surgery that helped to save her life two years ago.

For the moment, Luka, who was having trouble breathing on his own, he met his mother, who was on his way to a high-risk, potentially life-saving surgery.
(SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital)

“Luka and I needed each other, and that we needed to do in order to get to know one another,” Sharee McCoy, who suffered massive blood loss after Luka’s birth, I said. “They could have saved the both of us,” to speak to the nurse, who has brought mother and son together.


Luka, who was born at 31 weeks of pregnancy, and was having a hard time breathing on his own in the NICU, I was able to be weaned off the oxygen as he was taken in the vicinity of his mother for the first time, and began to breath without assistance, and while he was in her heart.

Both Luka and his mother began to recover from their encounter, his NICU nurse, called “the greatest miracle I have ever witnessed.”
(SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital)

“I didn’t know the cure Luka’s mother has been cured of Luka, and I think that’s Luka for helping to heal Sharee,” Chaela Kinney, Luka was in the NICU-registered nurse at SSM Health, St. Mary’s Hospital, he said. “It was the best miracle I’ve ever experienced.”

McCoy’s, and Luka began to beat the odds in just nine weeks into the pregnancy, at which time it was discovered that she has a caesarean section scar pregnancy, which is a threat to both the developing fetus and the mother.

“They told me that my life would be at risk if I were to continue with the pregnancy,” she said. “They have one alternative to surgery if I decided to go for it, but there was no guarantee that it will work out.”


Dr. Cristian Campian, and the SLUCare Urogynecologist at SSM Health, St. Mary’s Hospital, said the procedure had never been done before, so it was not a blueprint for action to deal with ahead of McCoy’s surgery. The procedure was a success, and McCoy did not have any further complications ahead of Luka’s premature birth.

Just after he was born, she was transferred to the INTENSIVE care unit where she was sedated, but that is because there is a risk that they may not survive the next surgery, and her medical team are slowly bringing her out of sedation, so she was able to speak with the family.

That’s when Kinney decided to Luka, which had to do with the health of their own, which is necessary in order to comply with his mother’s life.

“In order for him to be with her, and I was able to wean his oxygen and he was at 100%, I was able to wean him to room air, I don’t have to breath for him, no more — to be able to be a witness of that, it’s a miracle,” Kinney said.

McCoy said, as the nurse may be stored in both of their lives to bring it to her before her surgery.
(SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital)

Two years later, McCoy said, they still have to be grateful for the Kinney and the staff of SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital for all that they have done so in order to save her and her son.


“He obviously has no idea of the journey that he went through, and even Luka, and he’s kind of one of a kind and I am so proud to be his mother,” said McCoy.

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