The mother-of-three, who is from a small “Mom Cave” under the stairs, is to be used for ‘charge’

Jessica is a Pool, a 25, found, to her children would have to take himself out, and when she needed some peace and quiet, and everyone had their own room, except in front of her.

As a young mother, who needed some time to be converted into a cupboard under the stairs, in a quiet, “mommy cave”.

Jessica Pool, 25, of Oxfordshire, England, and has three children. And after her new arrival, she began to suffer from post-natal depression. Also, she noticed, to her children would have to take herself away when she needed some peace and quiet, and everyone had their own room, except in front of her.


Since the kids had their own bedroom and swimming Pool, as a partner He already had a barn, a swimming Pool, about the process of converting the cupboard under the stairs in her own room. She wiped off the coats, toys and equipment at around $22, it is altered in a cell-free mother’s zone, complete with a reading nook, calming, candles, and mood lighting.

The pool managed to make space in as little as two hours, due to the removal of some of the trash, giving the place a new coat of paint and a collection of a number of the calming decor of the house.

“I have made up my mind to get it, because it was just a dumping ground, and I got fed up with it, sort of out of the time, the location of Shrivenham, said.


“I thought,” it’s going to be for the kids to have to go for it, but then I thought, no, they are in their bedrooms,” she added. “Some of us mothers, we need to be somewhere you can escape to and still be near the kids right after them. Sometimes I just take myself away for five minutes to give myself a bit of room.

The description of the room, in a place where they will be able to take a break in one Pool compared to the nook with the idea of having a “man cave.”

The pool, seen here with Matthew, and their three children, Madison (5), Charlie (3), Oliver (nine weeks) and he said that they hadn’t forbidden her children from coming in, but they have to know that this is mommy’s special place.

“You hear about the man cave, toy room, but I had never even heard of a mom cave,” she said. “I have been suffering from the [postpartum] depression, and I felt like I was somewhere I could be me without cause, my mood, the kids, and then I can get mommy back.”


Pool said that she has been nicknamed the “Mother’s Cave, which is a cell-free environment, with no distractions — just a place where they will be able to sit down and think.

“It’s a nonelectronic a closet, so I’ve got my phone, and I’m going to get even for the paths and the need to recharge.”

The room came together as soon as possible, as well. It creates the space in as little as two hours to take the trash to the dump. Plus, with the amount of money that they spent on it — at only 17 pounds, or about $22 and was used in the paint, and the Pool is said that the value exceeds the cost.

“They’re quite understanding, there’s nothing in it for them,” Pool said of the case.

“The rest of [the facility] is all around the house,” she said. “It is, the better the quality of my life dramatically. Today is the day, when I felt a little annoyed, I will go in there.”

They have also made it clear to their children that if the position of the hair, but the children will be able to go if they really want to.

“They’re quite understanding, there’s nothing in it for them to do that,” she said.


Swimming pool, and lives with her partner, Matthew, a civil engineer, and their three children: Madison, 5; Charlie, 3; and Oliver, nine weeks old.

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