The Mother Of Robert Downey, Jr. concerned about “blackface” in Tropic Thunder

The mother of Robert Downey, Jr. it was very, very concerned about her son when he was in the movie Tropic Thunder with my face, it was as if a black person says that the actors on the Joe Rogan Podcast.

“She was very upset,” says the American actor. “‘Bobby, I hate to say it, and I have a very bad feeling about it.” I said, ” Yeah, me too.'”

Also, Downeys wife was shocked and very much of a role when the script is read. “This is so very, very wrong,” she said, schaterlachend. “But it’s so true. If you do this properly, and by that self-obsessed actors are heroes, then it’s fine.'”

In the Ben Stiller-directed satire actiekomedie (2008), which will play the Downey Jr. the character of Kirk Lazarus, a white actor from Australia. With the help of surgery, but Lazarus, his skin color is light-to-dark change, that he’s African-American sergeant, Lincoln Osiris, you can do so.

The make-up of Downey Jr. in the film, is the equivalent to the blackface-make-up, which, since the nineteenth century, theatres, and movies in cases where there is a white, starring a caricatured version of black people want to be put down.

“I thought to myself:” this is a very bad idea

According To Downey Jr. it had Sean Penn in the role of Lazarus from the dead, is rejected. “That was very smart of him. I thought it would be, to Tropic Thunder, to take Iron Man to the point where I thought to myself: “this is a very bad idea. However, I recovered myself and spoke to myself: so this is your chance to get a summer as a black person to live. In addition, I was able to show that the backward countries of the actors, and the things that they can even think to move away.”

The 54-year-old Avengers actor, says that 90 per cent of his black friends, and the movie is hilarious, loved it, but it is questionable whether Tropic Thunder today, it can be used. “Sometimes, you just have to admit that it’s messed up you have. But Tropic Thunder was just a matter of how wrong it is to wear blackface is.”

After the movie, I was proud of the fact that I specialeffectsmake-up-wearing – forget about the term ” blackface, even each and every filming again. It was a tough job, and I’m just trying to be as good and as fair a manner as possible to accomplish.”

179Tropic Thunder (2008)

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