The most memorable political gaffes of 2019

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The former VP Joe Biden had to discuss several slip-up during the last Democratic presidential debate, Sarah Sanders, and Katie Pavlich join Watters’ world.

The political climate in 2019 – between a presidential impeachment and the Start of the 2020 campaign-season – was mostly tense, but also featured has-relief of intermittent comic in the form of some incredible gaffes.

No one is immune to the faux pas. The Democrats and the Republicans, the presidential hopefuls and President of the Trump personally and have committed all that cringe-inducing mistakes in the course of the past year.

Here’s a look the most back on some of the memorable.


Biden Blunder

With the former Vice-President is Joe just Biden on the campaign, there are already too many gaffes to get, so we have whittled it down to a cool five.

November, the democratic debate featured some unforgettable moments. At one point, while touting the alleged his support among African-Americans, Biden, he received support from the only black woman to be elected to the U.S. Senate. The problem is, there were two, and the second parts just happened to be the stage with him.

Sr., Kamala Harris, D-Calif., couldn’t help but laugh and say, “The other is here.” Biden then corrected himself.

Perhaps even more awkward to Biden was in the choice of words, if it is, how to combat violence against women.

“We just have to be the culture of the time. And punching and punching and punching keep.”

Harris might be seen, in order this time.

“I really mean it,” Biden said then.

September in the debate also features a strange moment signed, when Biden took a progressive position on criminal law reform, which went further than he apparently intended. Biden claims to change that to a lot of people are in prison, and the system requires, and then boldly to the proclamation.

“Nobody should be a crime in prison for non-violent,” he said.

This immediately drew about snarky comments on social media, such as white-collar criminals such as Bernie Madoff, Martin Shkreli, and Paul Manafort, would benefit from such a policy.

Biden campaign, clarified that the former Vice President really meant only, non-violent drug offenders.

In the race-relations Department, Biden a little heat took for a blunder in August, on the occasion of a discussion of scientists. During the election campaign in Iowa, he said, that “the poor children are just as bright and just as talented as white children.” Biden immediately caught the gaffe. “Wealthy children, black children, Asian children,” he said, trying to recover gracefully.

In September, Biden called for the telling of a story about a visit to Afghanistan and an American military service member, as a mixture of various incidents.

According to Biden, a Navy captain, a gorge, to recover under the enemy’s fire, a fallen soldiers, the body and later refused to say a Silver Star of Biden, he rappelled down, “don’t pin it on me, Sir! Please, Sir. You don’t do that! He died. He died!”

But according to a Washington Post piece, the story told by Biden never happened, although elements of the story aligned with the actual events from different times, in which several soldiers.

Biden played it as insignificant when it comes to his ability to be President, say, NPR, “The details are not relevant in relation to the decision-making process.”

y Foul

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, is known for its Twitter-game, but they missed the mark when she accused the Republicans, that he “the male members in addition to cardboard cut-outs of young female legislators,” while retweeting a message from the Republican party of Kentucky, which is a picture of an older gentleman sitting next to a cutout of her.

The problem was that Kentucky Rep. John Yarmuth, who was in the photo, is a Democrat. While the picture tweeted was that of the Kentucky GOP, the post clearly identified him as a “lone #Kentucky #Democrats in Congress.” Also, they are colleagues.

Rockets’ Red Glaring Errors

President Trump appeared to be sucked into a kind of time-warp in the middle of his 4. July speech this year. Reminiscent of the American victory over the British in the war of independence, it contains some details that were, well, questionable.

“The Continental army suffered a cruel winter at Valley Forge, found glory in the waters of the Delaware, and took the victory of Cornwallis at Yorktown,” Trump said. “Our army occupied the air, and slammed the ramparts, took over the airports, the did everything he had to do, and at Fort McHenry, under the rockets’ red glare, it was nothing but the victory.”

For starters, the battle at Fort McHenry and the “rockets’ red glare” that inspired Francis Scott Key to write “The Star-Spangled Banner” took place during the war of 1812, not the Revolutionary war. Of course, the glaring error in the speech trump, the references were not to the army manning the air, and the takeover of the airports, because planes were not invented yet at that time.

The fighting at Fort McHenry took place in 1814, 89 years before the Wright brothers’ first successful flight in 1903.

Trump later claimed that he had teleprompter problems during the speech.

Viva La Gaffe!

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio presidential campaign did not last very long, but it had an incredibly awkward moment when he quotes a Spanish sentence, when it comes to the Cuban community in Miami. This sentence was “Hasta la victoria, siempre”, which means “Until victory, always” and is the result of Marxist revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara, a key figure in the Cuban Revolution under Fidel Castro, which led to many Cubans flee to the USA

Hizzoner caught flak from both parties, with Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., Rep. and Donna Shalala, D-Fla., took him to task.

“It is unacceptable to quote, a murderer like Che Guevara,” Shalala said.

De Blasio apologized later.

‘Great that you’

One of the most viewed 2020 Senate race includes the Democratic challenges of Senate majority Leader Mitch McConnell. One of the Kentucky Republicans, who the potential opponents next November is a former naval Aviator, Amy McGrath.

During a CNN appearance, McGrath addressed a recent statement where she compared President Trump in 2016 victory on 9/11, but that was not the unpleasant part of the interview.

According to McGrath admitted that she “can see why, you know, people can be upset about the” comparison”, it seemed to be, was the end of the segment.

But just as the interview was wrapping up, McGrath told clumsily logged out Jake Tapper, “Great to have you” – a line usually from the host, not your guests.

McConnell campaign avidly, the clip is spreading on Twitter, simply saying: “This is embarrassing.”


Two of the Trump appeared to the defenders during the investigation of his dealings with the Ukraine, cause more harm than good, if you speak in statements about the nature of the events surrounding the controversy, only to be immediately self-contradictory.

Trump seemed personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, to speak, even in circles, the interview during a September CNN. Host Chris Cuomo asked the former New York City mayor, when he had asked to examine the Ukraine, Joe Biden, and Giuliani replied, “no, actually, I have,” said he had been asked to investigate possible Ukrainian interference in the election of 2016.

Giuliani added immediately that “the only thing I asked Joe Biden” was how the former Ukrainian Prosecutor-General Yuriy Lutsenko was a case against not-for-profit organization, AntAC.

“So, you have to look at the Ukraine, Joe Biden!” Cuomo said, to answered which Giuliani: “of course I do!”

According to Cuomo pointed out the contradiction, Giuliani explained that he had asked to see the Ukraine “in the allegations in respect of my customers,” and that these accusations”, which include tangentially Joe Biden.”

Giuliani admitted on “Fox News Sunday” that he misspoke, and said, he was quick to correct himself.

“No, of course, was wrong, I corrected it immediately,” Giuliani said, adding, “I corrected him before he corrected it. The reality is, the distinction is this: What you say is, I went there for, on a political mission to get Joe Biden in trouble. Ridiculous. I went there as a lawyer to his client defended.”

In the following month, acting White house chief of staff Mick Mulvaney had a rocky White House press briefing, where he defended Trump’s handling of the Ukraine. Mulvaney first insisted that Trump was hesitant to give help to Ukraine because of concerns of corruption and the lack of contributions from other countries.

“Did he also mention to me in passing the corruption in connection with the DNC server? Absolutely, no doubt out of the question. That’s why we held up the money.”

In the case of the ABC, Jonathan Karl Mulvaney said, “this is a quid pro quo,” if trump is the delay of help for the investigation, Mulvaney replied, “We do this all the time with foreign policy,” adding that, “I’ve got news for all of you: get over it. It comes to political influence in foreign policy.”

These quotes were eventually against Trump in the House Intelligence Committee, the impeachment-inquiry report.

Mulvaney went on “Fox News Sunday” and said that he say that it is a quid pro quo.

To claim “this is what the people say, that I said, but I’m not saying that,” said Mulvaney, is that his words are the wrong way taken.

Who Treated It?

While the source remains anonymous, social media theorist, believed that Rep. Eric Swalwell may have licked, to hear some, well, sensitive material in an interview with MSNBC ‘ s Chris Matthews in November, as a loud fart sound, while he spoke. Twitter users analyzed the clip, like it’s the Zapruder film, the light reaction of Swalwell at the time, fired the shot. was Others claimed that it was none other than Matthews.

“Hardball” with the employee, which passed later to the fact that it was just the sound of the Cup “cockroaches on the Desk.”

Cookie Clash

Housing Secretary Ben Carson has a lot to chew on, after he mixed apparently, to a real estate concept with a popular snack.

“I would also like to explain for you to come back to me – if you don’t mind – the differences in the REO prices. Do you know what a REO is?” California democratic Republic of the Katie Porter asked Carson, during a House Financial Services Committee hearing in may.

“Oreo?” Carson, you asked back.

“No, not an Oreo. A REO,” Porter answered, this refers to the abbreviation for real-estate properties owned.


Porter then Carson mocked on Twitter, posting a clip of the exchange and say, “He thought, I was on a chocolate sandwich cookie. No, really.”

Always the good sport, Carson a message tweeted thanks a lot, Porter says, that he sends her a couple of Oreos.

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