The men convicted and sentenced to fifteen years in prison in Spain groepsverkrachtingszaak

The supreme court in Spain, the five men later sentenced to fifteen years in prison for the rape of an eighteen-year-old woman in the Spanish city of Pamplona in 2016. The group, which is known as “la manada” (the herd), has been found not guilty of rape only and sentenced for a less serious offense.

The younger the victim, the night after the party, approached the men, her with.

Suddenly, the atmosphere changed, and she was in the portal of a house in which they are forced to perform sexual acts. The five men took pictures of it, which is also available online which. After the end took one of them to the phone from the victim’s mind, causing them to strangers on the street to ask for help.

The case has come to be known as the “la manada”, because the men are in a appgroep so-called. When the courts have been convicted for abuse, which is a considerably lower sentence of nine years, gave, broke, there was great anger among Locals.

Men and women took to the streets with wolvenpoten displayed on the streets and in their faces and (pointing at a pack of wolves) and started to wonder: if this isn’t rape, then what is it?

According to the court, was that the woman’s earlier is not that you can’t he tell the truth. The supreme court let it know that it’s going to be a daunting situation, when the woman is physically and verbally are not able to defend himself. This is for the men to have a heavier penalty imposed on them.

A no is a no, no. ()

The protesters wore red gloves as a symbol of the crime has been committed. ()

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