The Mastercooks of Belgium: our top chefs on Channel Z

Channel Z presents, in collaboration with The Mastercooks or Belgium a ten-part series in which the best chefs of our country talk candidly about the ups and downs of their profession, and samples of their cooking show.

One of the chefs who will cook in the studio: Eric Martin of Maison Lemonnier in Lavaux-Saint-Anne. © .

The Mastercooks or Belgium, are the culinary national team of our country, they are the ambassadors of our culinary heritage. Every day they put their talent and skills in to the image of our gastronomy and of our products to maintain a high level, at home and abroad. Four years back, the university groentekok Frank Fol this purpose as the new chairman. At his side, for the practical follow-up of cases, joined Paul Gelders (formerly gault millau and Wijnmakelaarsunie) as director. The duo was given as a command to reset the dynamic in the group. That succeeded: the number of members grew from seventy to one hundred and fifty. Today are as good as all the chefs and gault millau toques at the association. There is also a MCM-Magazine and at the end of september to start a new cooperation of the Mastercooks with tv channel kanaal Z/Canal Z (Roularta).

One of the chefs in the guest appearance: Peter Goossens of Hof van Cleve in Kruishoutem. © .

On the program is a ten-part series of varied cooking programs with the best chefs of our country is in guest appearance. In the new studiokeuken at Dovy, equipped with appliances from AEG, talk Mastercooks-chairman Frank Fol and presenter Annick Ruyts in each episode, about current topics, such as the repositioning of the business lunch, and are there special actions are announced, such as the ‘100% Lunch’ and the ‘Box Bon Moments. Then the ‘guest of the week’-Mastercook introduced with a reporter in his/her case, in which the kookvisie and way of doing business to be discussed: how does he/she colleagues, what are the tips for the young generation. Then pull the chef for a supplier or producer for a tour and a conversation.

The next heading is ‘The Expert’, where the business aspect of a restaurant is lit: what is there in the operation of a fine dining restaurant look, how is it with communication, with social media, how are you going to agree to, what kind of insurance and loans are there for the sector, what are the rules about the growing number of customers that suffer from allergies, food intolerances, and diabetes, what are the latest innovative kitchen, the new trends …

One of the chefs who will cook in the studio: Lionel Rigolet of Comme Chez Soi in Brussels. © .

In the final part of the broadcast is a different mastercook in the studiokeuken getting started with Belgian products; he presents an innovative contemporary dish with corresponding tips for the viewer.

In the first episode of Z-Mastercooks is Filip Claeys of restaurant De Jonkman in Bruges looked up. He brings in turn a visit to the fish market of Zeebrugge and shows where he has his fish. In the studio will be cooked by Johan Segers, van ‘t Stove in Antwerp.

The first of the ten episodes to watch on Channel Z, on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 september; the last, on 26 and 27 november. The series is realised by production company Red Pepper Media of Leuven. The recipes you will find after each episode on the Info:

(Text by Pieter van Doveren)

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