The Man arrested for the death threat sent to Özcan Akyol

The police department, a man arrested for making death threats against newspaper columnist and broadcaster, Özcan Akyol. The police had to do this in the US, via Google, with a request for assistance in the.

The death threats were, on the 14th of July, 2018, in multiple tweets in question.

Akyol has long been abused and threatened on social media, but the content of these tweets have led to that, he reported for the police department. According to Akyol, and threatened the man, even his daughter, to do something about it.

“The police department is the examination of the unknown person who the tweet was posted. In addition to the data, and the anonymous twitterer to come from Google with a request for legal assistance in the US is done. A couple of weeks ago, and received the criminal information to which the identity of a thirty year man from the netherlands became obsolete”, according to the police, in a note.

The police have found him, Monday morning, arrested, and his home is in Amsterdam, searching. In addition, the goods were seized.


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