The majority of Americans trust the police to use facial recognition responsibility

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A majority of Americans trust the law enforcement agencies use facial recognition technologies in a responsible way, and to say that it’s OK to use a controversial tool for keeping the public areas are safe and secure, according to a new study.

However, the Pew Research Center’s survey also found that the adoption of the technology for the enforcement of this act shall not extend to any other areas. In terms of the responsible use of technology, corporations, and advertisers only had the support of 36 per cent and 18 per cent of the respondents in the survey.

The survey comes in the midst of questions about the technology, that doesn’t always work as advertised, it is unjust legislators, criminals, or have abused, in one way or another. Several cities have banned the technology.

A recent report has found that the motor vehicle departments in the country, the members of the board, of any personal information and selling it to a wide range of different businesses, including private investigators, generating millions in revenue.



One of these tests, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on the Amazon’s face-tracking software and found it to be incorrectly tuned in the 26, California state regulators, or more than one in five, according to the images of a set of at least 25,000 public arrest photos. More than one-half of the false positives were people of color.

The technological tool that has attracted more and more attention to digital rights and privacy groups, as well. Many people are advocating for a complete ban on facial recognition use by law enforcement. In addition,

Some lawmakers, including Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, wants to ban police use of the technology.


In addition, a higher proportion of white people (64 percent) than of black women (47 percent) or Hispanics (55 percent) agree with the idea of law enforcement using facial recognition in public places.

The Pew survey also shows that Americans are becoming more and more knowledgeable about the technology: 86 percent of the total) have heard at least something about the facial recognition technology, with 25 per cent saying they have heard a lot about it.”

A majority of Americans trust the maintenance of the law, to the use of facial recognition technology in a responsible manner, according to a new study.
(Fox News)

The digital rights group Fight for the Future, and who wants to see a federal ban on the police use of the technology, and has published an interactive map showing you exactly where it is being used in the country as a whole.

The study of a nationally representative sample of 4,272 U.S. adults was conducted in June, 3-17.


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