‘The logical seizure of Europe at the world cup’

In regards to race is, of course, nothing for sure, but the knock-out stages of the world cup in Russia turns mainly European. Thus, following this tournament, the logic of the ranking of FIFA, says our reporter in Russia Peter T’Kint.

The Croats got nine out of nine in the group stage © Belga Image

Four years ago they were barely six in the eighth-finals, the European countries. Four of the six pushed on to the quarter-finals, two to the semi, and Germany finally won also the first European on the American continent. But the charm of Brazil 2014 was that the KO phase of the tournament color was given by the performance of Mexico, Colombia, the South American delegation, African teams even.

Latter recovered himself from the disappointment in 2010, when they on their own soil for the first time with six countries were allowed to participate but only one player in the group stage survived. Ghana is stable, then the hearts, but it was still too little. The idea that once an African country world champion might be, should then and there be buried. Brazil confirmed that: a wave with two countries that doorstootten, but both Nigeria (clearly) and Algeria (more difficult for Germany) went there immediately. That trend is now continued: Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia) was already after two matches, yesterday was killed in Nigeria, tomorrow it’s on to Senegal in order to survive in a direct duel with Colombia. Given their demonstration against Poland we fear.

Europe top. They are here with fourteen and ten of them will place themselves for the KO-stage. That there may still be eleven, if Serbia tonight would stunt against Brazil. And twelve, if the Swedes will Mexico beat. Twelve to fourteen participants, only Poland drew heavily disappoint, Iceland is – logically- would be enormous. Ten to fourteen, the logical reality, is also impressive.

A and another confirms a shift. The European leagues is sucking all the attention to itself, also commercially, the European countries, take advantage of it. More money for football is more development of talent, more know-how in terms of data, preparation, intensity, and that makes for an increasingly widening gap. That brand you’re already in the FIFA-ranking: seven European countries in the top ten, thirteen in the top twenty. In South Africa, three of the four semi-finalists will be from Europe. Who knows, we get here a repetition, all will be Argentina or Brazil always take advantage of European talent and in a tournament like this.

Therefore, we think it is good that the expansion will soon be of the number of participants in the world cup, starting in 2026, Europe is less endowed. Europe gets three extra, especially the Asians, Africans and Central Europeans that the extra places to go. That has political reasons (FIFA-bosses need to be re-elected) and commercial (the Asian market is teeming with), but also sporty. More money, contacts at a higher level, a wider development. They will not directly close the gap, this is as wide as the Grand Canyon, but their matches are known as points of reference for later generations.

Otherwise, in the long term, the world cup is a bonified CHAMPIONSHIP. And that can also not intended.

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