The liberal stomping moderates in primaries: Will it hurt Dems in November?

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Many experts predict a blue wave of the Democrats brings the power in this year’s congressional elections. But a blue wave surges in the party primaries this year, lifting, far-left candidate over the moderate — and may cause problems for the party, the medium-term hopes.

Primary to the Democratic primary featured a more progressive candidate compared to one fashion to win with the liberal alternative often.

Scott Wallace, is shown with his wife, Christy, is running for Congress in Pennsylvania.


A case study in the ascendant progressive wing of the Pennsylvania’s 1st Congressional District primary race earlier this month was with Scott Wallace versus Rachel Reddick.

Reddick seemed to be the perfect candidate, a mother, a veteran, and is only 33.

‘Democrats will be United as never before.’

– Democratic Congressional Candidate Scott Wallace

Politically, however, it was seen as a moderate Republican until recently, in fact. And Wallace, a multi-millionaire, is causing a long time supported the liberals had the support of many local Democrats, and have exceeded the wherewithal of his opponents

The primary was not close. He won by more than 20 percentage points.

In an interview with Fox News, Wallace is proud of the progressive coat, claimed: “For me, it means, weighted towards the people instead of the corporations and the rich.”

Henry Wallace and FDR



Wallace, 66, has never run for office, but, as he explains, he has a long political history. His grandfather, Henry Wallace served as FDR’s managing Director. And Wallace notes that he has.even the Council worked as a staff of two U.S. Senate committees, and heads a Foundation that tries to citizen voices in the political debate

He moved back to his home-to-run state, because he says that he could not “sit on the sidelines, this time.” Wallace said: “the most fundamental values of our American democracy are under attack as never before – a free press, an independent judiciary, the rule of law and basic respect for the truth, the facts and the science.”

Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, R-Pa., speaks during the Bipartisan Heroin Task Force-press conference on the release of the 2018 legislative agenda for the 115th Congress on Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2018.

(CQ Roll Call via AP Images)

The Central message of his campaign for everyday people to serve “,” he said.

Its platform, though, is a direct attack in line with the party’s left flank: Medicare for All, the transition to renewable energies and “securing the Social security from the Republican.”

It worked in elementary school. Whether it will work in a General election is by no means certain.

Polls show a tight race in the General election fight against incumbent Republican Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick won in 2016, around 9 percentage points, but since his district was redrawn by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, and no one is safe, whether it trends blue or red.

Wallace believes that the previous map was gerrymandered “just enough to guarantee a Republican win … the effect of the new card is modest, but perhaps just enough to make a big difference.”

Wallace thinks Fitzpatrick’s record of voting with President Trump and the Republican agenda doesn’t play well with the electorate. He adds his opponent’s voices, which serve his corporate donors has thrown “rather than the people.”

But Wallace himself was accused of being a rich man, the contact with the regular people.

Team-Fitzpatrick, spokesman for Haley Bova said: “The Lugar Center at Georgetown University is ranked Brian Fitzpatrick as the No. 1 at the cross-party freshman Congressman in the nation, and Scott Wallace is the most far left extremist candidates to ever run for Congress in the history of this part of the city. This district has a zero appetite for the ultra-left-extremist views of Scott Wallace and the hatred of the groups that he has showered on his millions of dollars.”

The Republican National Committee, cited the Pennsylvania primary more earlier this month, the production of candidates, the “unappealing to General election voters.”

Wallace responds that his money allows him “to reject all the corporate PAC money.” He went on to say: “here I grew up, waiters, gas pumps, as a carpenter’s assistant night manager in Doylestown burgers-in-chief and a reporter for the local Bucks Country magazine.”

For his part, Fitzpatrick also played has its roots in the community, as well as his service as an FBI agent.

“His whole life was declared about the protection of our nation and for our communities,” one of the last ad.

All eyes are on his district as an indicator of whether liberal candidates help or hurt the Democratic party in November. But Wallace did not accept that it is a civil war within his party, as some claim.

“Democrats will be United like never before,” he said, in view of the enemies he defeated behind him.

“I don’t think the voters much about the political labels. What you want are the guidelines, pro-people,” he said.

Fox News’ Kristine Kotta contributed to this report.

Steve Kurtz is a producer for the Fox News Channel, and author of “Steve’s America (the perfect gift for the people, by the name of Steve)”.

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