The Levi’s Trucker Jacket: for fifty years the blueprint for all jeansjasjes in your wardrobe

The Levi’s Trucker Jacket – the most famous jeansvest in the world -is fifty. said for the occasion with Levi’s Head of Design Jonathan Cheung, about how the garment a half-century relevant knew.

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When you close your eyes, and to a jeansjasje think, get you’re probably a Levi’s Type III – also known affectionately known as the Trucker jacket called to mind. The iconic design is the blueprint for all jeansvesten that are followed. Of the vertical seams and the placement of the borstzakjes to the narrow descending back: the Levi’s Trucker is so determined that most people just opt for the real deal. The chances are that you have a Trucker in your wardrobe for hanging. The chances are that you mòèder a Trucker in the wardrobe has hanging. This wardrobe staple is indeed for 50 years, and apart from the addition of extra side pockets to put your hands in to stitches the design is virtually unchanged. Not bad for a product of an ever-evolving fashion industry.

It is no coincidence that the founders of the classic bluejeans also were the basis for the jeans jacket. Already in 1905, created Levi Strauss a first jeansjasje. The Type I and Type II had a more bloezende fit with constricted rugpanden and bandplooien and underwent quite a few changes – more bags, less rivets, donut buttons, bronze finish;… in 1967, beat them with the Type III, however, the nail on the head. Not only was their denim product popular with the target group of ranch employees, cowboys and workers, but also the youth, embraced the sturdy jacket in pre-shrunk denim.

Of The Beatles and James Dean to the Opening Ceremony and Vetements: for fifty years, remains the Trucker part of the popular culture. It is the diversity of the design, for sure, and the way it both rugged rockers like by weerbewuste walkers can be worn. How the durable and fashionable at the same time. A classic and a trend. A universal design that at the same time the perfect canvas for your own customisations. But how word, and especially keeps you in the forefront with a design that meanwhile every high street chain has copied? spoke with Jonathan Cheung, Head of Design at Levi’s, about the success of the Trucker.

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How and why has Levi’s at the time, decided to evolve from type I to type III model? What has the redesigns affected?

Jonathan Cheung: ‘Fashion is a reflection of the society, and the first 60 years of the twentieth century, now, once, quite some dramatic changes – it is logical that the jacket than with it evolves. Last year I had the luck that I am the designer of the Trucker had to meet Jack Lucier. I have him the exact same question, but he shrugged just his shoulders and laughed. ‘There was at that time a new model is needed for the pre-shrunk pair of jeans that when it was popular to go” was his reply. For Lucier, it was just part of the job, I don’t think he has that, he then, that evening at his desk, an iconic design on paper.”

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it: how has the Trucking to the ravages of time know passed?

Cheung: “I think that it is dangerous to be on your laurels, to rest and to think that you have an existing model you can’t do better – even if it is a success. As designers it is our job to make our designs always be assessed against the spirit of the times, and to see if they are on creative and cultural education are still relevant. I often wonder how it is that we today are still tacking for the lines that Jack Lucier so many years ago has dropped. I personally think that the V-shaped panels at the front make the difference, because they are particularly flattering.”

Levi’s Type III may designwise, the blueprint for all other jeansvesten on the market: there zìjn other jeansvesten on the market. Why, then, for the Trucker to keep going?

Cheung: “We find it incredible that the Trucker, who all those decades virtually unchanged, still so relevant. If you think of other items of clothing, or even furniture design, technology,… things are very quickly dated. It is also not only in the design but in the conotatie. The Trucker is associated with a particular culture, a way of life. The vest has roots in the music world, in the world of fashion, even in politics and in social life. Therefore, it is also important that we have that connection to culture is preserved, that we have collaborations with designers, musicians, and especially young people continue to take.’

For the fiftieth anniversary of the Trucker have you worked with 50 guest designers from various industries: from fashion to music to sports. How can this kind of collaboration the strength of the design of something that is just being praised for its simplicity strengthen?

Cheung: “I know what you mean, but creativity is very important. And the thing with creativity is that it is everywhere, and usually at a time that you don’t expect. We should be actively looking to spark regardless of the success of the Trucker, we need him to continue to reinvent, or in a new light, because creativity makes us human.”

Levi’s brings for the occasion a Trucker with golden touch on the market: premium rinse denim with gold thread. This jacket is available in a limited edition of 505 pieces.

The birthday of the Levi’s Trucker jacket back in the character of the cooperation with 50 international influencers who each have their own vision on the jeansjasje to life brought. So is the jacket time and time again through a different lens viewed. Sounding names like Solange, Chance The Rapper, Romee Fight and Karlie Kloss all went to work with the denim heritage, for our country if Filip Vandevorst of A. F. Vandevorst the modeicoon a make-over.

All jackets were presented at the Haus or Strauss expo in Los Angeles

from left to right (top to bottom): Filip Vandevorst, Virgil Abloh, Head, Solange © Levi’s

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