The legislature, in order to return to Capitol Hill to point in the midst of partial shutdown with no obvious change in the limit cul-de-SAC

nearvideo-partial government shutdown enters the third day, as the White house, Democrats, locked in the dead point, about funding for border wall

No deal in sight as the White house and the Democrats in Congress will dig in its heels on a short-term spending bill; Doug McKelway reports from Capitol Hill.

It seemed so easy, in a few days.

Back when James Mattis defence was Secretary of state…

Back when kids call NORAD tracking hotline is a consequence of believing in Santa Claus…

Back, if the government fully funded.

All 100 senators voted night a stopgap spending bill (“Continuing Resolution” or “CR” in Congress-a lingua franca), a week before Wednesday. The bill would lead the government to the 8. February. The house was ready to follow and pass the CR on Thursday or Friday, keep the Federal lights on and shipping it all home for the holidays.

Senate majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) filed an interim spending bill to the Senate early in the day on Wednesday.

“I don’t think he would take it, unless he had the assurance that the President would CR the characters,” said Senate appropriations Committee Chairman Richard Shelby (R-AL). “But you never know.”

Shelby’s instincts were right.

You never know, with a President Trump.

There were strong signals from the White house last Thursday morning that Trump would teeth spending, reluctantly signed a stopgap bill that the package was missing for the financing of the government, although the money for a border wall.

But you never know.

Trump is started in vibration, as it is an earful of the conservative house freedom Caucus Wednesday evening. Freedom group, Vice-Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) declared that Trump would be the base uprising, when he signed the “Band-Aid” bill. Meadows predicted to Outdo the signing of the laws would cause “great damage” by 2020, the re-election bid.

The gig was up Thursday morning when the trump speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan (R-WI), which him from a house GOP elected conference. It is only the freedom Caucus was not members who are upset over the development of a spending bill, without the wall. Many rank-and-file members were angry. You felt hung out to dry. She sat on the wall. She swallowed hard, as a wall-financing was not hidden in the March package. Same with the interim spending bills in September and November. The leadership would wash their hands of the Problem and rush home for the holidays?

Ryan puts the brakes on everything after the call. The house would not accept the Senate bill. The house would be the Senate’s “clean” spending measure, and tack on $ 5 billion for the wall.

“We came out of our conference today is more unity,” boasted meadows. “I saw (President of Trump) in the eye today, and he was not serious, folding without a fight.”

Meadows said the GOP leadership recognized that they had to push for the wall. The “clean” Senate bill would not do.

“The assumption was not that there were enough votes there,” said meadows.


Friday, December 21st, was the shortest and the longest day of the year in Washington. However, the political day of delivery after midnight on Saturday, 22. December.

The bill to Fund the government – in any form – was back to ricochet around the Capitol, caroming out of the house in the Senate, into the house, and the return in the Senate.

The Senate fought to a debate on the house-amended planning, the funding for the wall. A roll-call vote started at 12:31 PM ET Friday on “next” to the house plan. This requires a majority. However, many senators were absent, having already fled Washington for the holidays. The vote remained open for hours, with the votes to favor the starting point of the debate behind the no votes.

Vice-President Mike Pence and Acting chief of staff of the White house Mick Mulvaney finally materialized to speak at the Capitol, with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY). Pence the services that might be necessary to break a tie. Behind the scenes, Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) helped broker an agreement, only to initiate debate.

5:49 p.m. ET, the Senate passed the procedural vote, after five hours and 18 minutes lock finally. It was the longest vote in the Senate the story, hit the five-hour-and-15-minute-marathon-starting in February 2009, President Obama’s stimulus package.

On the state support for the procedural vote, Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Arizona) was a no. Flake upside down then Yes. Senior Doug Jones (D-AL), one of the most conservative Democrats in the Senate and facing a difficult re-election in 2020, voted, aye. Corker had lurked around the Capitol all day, but not yet cast a ballot. Corker have voted, making it a 47-47 draw. Pence, the Band, 48-47 broke then, formally, always the Senate on the bill.

“Most of the conversation today has been about the process and not the negotiations themselves,” said Flake. “The house bill is dead.”

In other words, it was a challenge to consider to convince a majority of senators, the house plan with the wall. That’s to say nothing of securing 60 votes to end a passage with a filibuster, and usher in a final version of the package.


It was a variety of activities at the Capitol late Friday afternoon. A senior House Republican source close to the negotiations stated that it was a “feeling of optimism now,” adding, “I think they will try to clear it with the White house.”

The future plan was to agree to brand-new, full expenditure measures for the remainder of the fiscal year. Not interim measures, until February or something like that. But the wall was the holdup, as always the disability.

At nightfall, the house adjourned for the day, with the majority of legislators, dashing to the four winds. This secured a partial government shutdown in the night around midnight.

The Congress would be in session on Saturday. But some lawmakers would be somewhere in the vicinity of the Capitol to the solution of the crisis.


Only a skeleton crew on staff, and legislators the door of the Capitol obscured on Saturday. Members of the press corps certainly outnumbered the number of volunteers and members.

Ryan was open on the Capitol, in a rare Saturday session of the house at noon, exactly 12 hours after the government lurched to a partial shutdown. But what was the plan for bridging the cul-de-SAC? Would Ryan at the end of the Speakership of the 3. January at noon, with a share of the Federal government shutters?

Ryan had no, never had the pace as he booked his way through the Statuary Hall of the Capitol, on the way to his office.

“It’s over there,” said Ryan, pointing to the United States Senate chamber on the Capitol Rotunda. “Over there. You know that.”

Ryan portrays himself as a mere spectator. And in this case, he was more than ready to deflect the Christmas Dilemma to the world’s deliberative body’s greatest.

That is, some whispered at the Capitol, the outgoing speaker, off-the-job when the new Congress convenes, it should hit. She suggested that Ryan should be the Senate, the clean, missing wall of money and put it on the floor. Many Republicans would have protested. But it would probably have passed, with a coalition of many Democrats and a few GOPers. What Ryan has to lose, right? He is out the door soon. His last act of the speaker is open to a expense to the government.

But President Trump would not have signed the plan. And so Ryan went in a different direction.

It was thought the administration had to reach an outside chance a deal Saturday afternoon with the legislators and, perhaps, to summon, to agree with everyone, back to Washington, Sunday night.

The pages were “swapping paper” but in reality, they were nowhere near an agreement.

In the afternoon, Trump, a group of conservative hardliners in the White house, convened to discuss the border wall – a group, the meadows, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), would only encourage the President to the wall to fight.

Senate appropriations Committee Chairman Richard Shelby was also invited.

Multiple sources say the White house included Shelby as an attempt to show him how serious you were about the wall.


But some Republicans fretted it could be a Problem now with the conservatives. The house GOP brass has a about-face and pushed a funding bill on the floor with the wall late on Thursday. That steeled their will. How could the House Republicans be forced to accept something less than $5 billion since the leadership, a vote on the revised bill?

“We often have the problem, if we over-conservatize” said a senior house Republican leadership source.

And so the house and the Senate return on December 27. But so far, there is to break, obviously, nothing of the dam.

The British Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan, once said that the most important factors in the policy ” events.”

We have seen other cases in which “events”, triggered payments, swift decisions to shut-off.

This was the case for the January shutdown. Democrats quickly after it was found, was the public hammer folded in the public opinion polls.

A wild chase and shootout in the Capitol in October 2013, together with the debt brake – has contributed to a hasty end a two-and-a-half-week shutdown over defunding Obamacare. A U.S. Capitol Police officer was injured in the Chaos. Legislators set aside their differences and once again the government. The legislator argued that USCP officers are at work and prepared to defend your life on the line, the capital – even though you paid for it.

So, what is the end of the shutdown? An unforeseen event? Terrorism? An international crisis? A deeper market shock? President Trump sign a bill without a complete wall of funding? Democrats accept wall-financing?

You never know.

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