The leader Paraplubeweging calls from prison to the retirement board in hong Kong

As a leader of the Occupy Central demonstrations in hong Kong, of 2014, on Tuesday, is released. Joshua Wong was a three-month term of imprisonment, but after two months released. It is not known whether this has anything to do with the current protests and unrest in hong Kong.

Because it was in the face of the so-called Paraplubeweging. Many of the young people were five years ago, on the streets, because they have more democracy like.

Because that was the year the magazine TIME has named the most influential teenager of 2014. Two years later, Wong was nominated for the Nobel Peace prize.

He and nineteen of the other protesters were released earlier this year, a three-month prison sentence imposed due to the disregard of a court order.

Immediately after his release from prison, kept a Year, in a press conference. He told me that She would like the Lamb, is the highest officer in hong Kong, after the police violence of last week, have to go.

More than two million people demonstrated on Sunday

Sunday, went to more than two million people in hong Kong take to the streets for a protest against a law prohibiting the extradition of China as possible. The Asian metropolis of seven million people.

It was the largest protest since hong Kong in 1997, the United Kingdom, it was handed over to China. Hundreds of protesters spent the night on the streets and blockaded major roads in the city.


The protesters in hong Kong to make room for the ambulance

The police asked the protesters to the sidewalk and to move the

The police asked the protesters Monday morning, in order to move to the sidewalk. “This is not a call for them to leave, but just move, please, to the door. It’s Monday and people have to work or go to school,” said one speaker, according to The South China Morning Post.

The lamb, offered Sunday to apologize for the police violence during previous demonstrations. The police had, therefore, instructed to on Monday, not too hard to grasp.

People take no pleasure in it. They would have to pass the bill at all on the table, and his fear that China is more influential in the future. They believe that the autonomy of hong Kong and the position of the city as an economic center in Asia in the game, the uitleveringswet is coming.

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