The leader of hong Kong will be in conversation with local residents at crisis-to cast a spell

The leader of hong Kong, Carrie Lam, will on Thursday, for the first time in the conversation, the community of the autonomous region of China. She wants to put an end to the political crisis and the violent riots that have been going on.

Lamb’s talk to about 150 civilians, all of which are a three-minute time limit for their views to be informed.

“There are deep wounds in our community,” said Lamb, in the New York Times. “It takes a while for it to heal. However, the government still hopes that the exchange will have to prevail in the place of the conflict. This type of action to take, and leave her alone again, the faith in the community restored.”

A 62-year-old native of hong Kong, is skeptical about the talks on Thursday are being held. “They didn’t want to listen to it when the 200,000 people take to the streets on the left. Why would they be listening to, but for 150 people?”

The lamb is also under pressure from Beijing to end the protests, which are now for three months. The population of hong Kong began to protest because of a controversial bill to allow the extradition to China is easier for me. It was a direct result of the popular movements.


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