The leader of hong Kong, close to help of of hong kong as protests continue

Carrie Lam, the top director in hong Kong, but does not exclude the possibility that they will China have to ask for help in order to put an end to the ongoing violent protests in the city. That, ” she said on Tuesday at a press conference.

Despite this, believes Lam the hong kong authorities to the problems to cope with. “At this point, I have always had a strong feeling that the solution must be found. It is also the starting point for the Chinese government in Beijing that hong Kong will be the problem on your own have to deal with.”

“But if the situation really is, we can’t have more advanced options to exclude, if we wish that hong Kong will still have a chance. We will then be able to rely on China,” said Lam.

Lamb decided that a ban on gezichtsbedekkende clothes. She hoped, thereby, to put an end to the ongoing chaos in the city.

Activists don’t maskerverbod

The ban appeared to backfire as to work, and a lot of the protesters did not meet the new rule. For the past four days, had to re-violent protests take place in hong Kong. Since Friday, two-hundred retail shops, and public facilities vandalized.

Also, the 77 people arrested for the violation of any of the maskerverbod, which are subject only to the exceptions will apply if there is a religious, occupational, or medical reasons. The youngest defendant was twelve years old.

People will be able to, for violation of the injunction, a penalty of only up to 2,900 euro imposed. Also, they risk a prison sentence of one year. It’s not at all clear how the ban will be enforced. Be made by the authorities last week announced that the police officers are allowed to ask questions of the gezichtsbedekking to remove it.


The leader of hong Kong, If the situation is getting worse, I do nothing’

Regular clashes with the police

The ongoing protests have to end up frequently in violent clashes with the police. Both parties are accusing each other of it a lot of unnecessary use of force.

Hongkongers going on since the beginning of June, the streets in protest. First, due to a now-repealed uitleveringswetsvoorstel. Now, the requirements they have for more democracy, research on police violence, the withdrawal of the charges against the protesters and the repeal of the word “rioters” in reference to the protesters.


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