The leader of hong Kong, Carrie Lam acknowledges that ‘sticking to them’

Carrie Lam, the top director in hong Kong, has a Sunday apologized for the manner in which it is tried as a contested uitleveringswet to take effect. She acknowledged in a statement that her government is sticking and has to let them fall, and this anxiety has helped.

The lamb makes a new attempt to bring the unrest in hong Kong, to cast a spell. She also announced on Saturday that the controversial draft bill for the time being in the room is turned on.

That is from opponents of the plan, there will not be Sunday again, en masse on the street. The protesters demand the departure of the Lamb, and the like, the uitleveringswet final table.

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‘An excuse to leave

Not all the people are waiting for the mea culpa of the Lamb. One protester told the local newspaper, the South China Morning Post that it was an excuse to be late.

“They have to leave and go,” says the man. “But, unfortunately, we know that, even if she goes through Beijing, is just another puppet, it will be for hong Kong to contend with.”


Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators to flood again the streets of hong Kong

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