The lawmakers urge to delay Trump, $10B defense-contract on Amazon conflicts probe

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Steve describes Jeff Bezos’ pull and influence on the legislators, and highlights the benefits that the large tech used to get their way.

The Pentagon is gearing up for the award of a massive 10-billion-Dollar, winner-take-all contract for cloud computing, but 12 members of Congress urge President trump, for the award only after the completion of the investigation in connection with one of the bidders.

The finalists for the big contract — known as the Joint-Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) — are Amazon and Microsoft, but allegations of conflicts of interest in connection with Amazon are currently the subject of investigation by the Defense Department Inspector General’s Office. The concerns are based on Defense Department employees who worked on the deal that before or after he worked for Amazon, or in at least one case, both. The contract is expected to be awarded as soon as August 23.


“It is unclear whether [the Inspector General’s Office] issue its findings prior to the [Department of Defense] expected award date in August,” the lawmakers wrote in their Tuesday letter, which was obtained by Fox News. “Therefore, we will not be requesting that your Administration instruct [to be assigned to the Ministry of defence], to the JEDI, to complete the had the Inspector General’s Office] of the opportunity, and a report on your investigation.”

The legislature signed on Tuesday, the letter, all Republicans, and include Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz and Wisconsin Rep. Sean Duffy. Florida sen. Marco Rubio has a similar letter to the national security adviser, John Bolton, last Thursday, a delay in the award of the JEDI-the contract due to “lack of competition.”

A bid protest of the lawsuit from Oracle, which had also rejected a bid of the contract, to the participation of former Defense Department employee Deap Ubhi, who works at Amazon, before the Ministry of defence in August 2016. Ubhi is now available on Amazon, once again — working with Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), the entity that handles cloud computing.

Oracle claims that Ubhi influence on the decision to award a single contract, so Amazon might get. You also said he was involved in the establishment of high standards for bidders, which is essentially the field is limited to Amazon and Microsoft. AWS said in a court filing that Oracle exaggerated Ubhi role in the JEDI.

Defense Department spokeswoman Heather Babbel told Fox News that the Department investigates allegations of conflicts of interest, but ultimately found that the JEDI process was influenced improperly.

“While some potential ethics concerns were raised, that was called, the DoD OIG, DoD has concluded that there was no negative impact on the integrity of the acquisition process,” Babbel.

A Federal judge ruled against Oracle earlier this month, leaves the Ministry of defence on the left with Amazon and Microsoft, as the two finalists.

Last week, President Trump the JEDI commented on the Treaty and said that his government would “take a very long look” at you.

“I said I am always a lot of complaints about the contract with the Pentagon and with Amazon” Trump, when asked about the matter. “You say that it is not a competitive bid.”


Trump has feuded for years with Amazon-founder Jeff Bezos. The President also criticized the “Washington Post”, which has Bezos.

Meanwhile, Rep., James Langevin, Dr. I., has expressed the wish, against the interference of Trump, given the challenges to the invitation to tender have already been addressed.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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