The latest workmanship of Silicon Valley: wine without grapes

A company out of San Francisco says in its laboratory wine without any grape. Their concoction would barely distinguished from the established values in the world of wine and to own say a lot more durable.

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“The future of food is not organic, it’s synthetic. The evidence you’ll see on the durability, the possibilities of application on a large scale and the ethical benefits of these methods.” That says Alec Lee of Ava Winery.

Each wine is, according to Lee, only a mixture of molecules. A mixture that he and his team in the lab is perfectly capable of reproducing, by the way. A half year ago that you could still have 80 % of the subjects, the synthetic wine in a blind test distinguish from ‘real’ wine, many trials and experiments later, that number today at 10 %.

More fuel efficient and cheaper

Why are we on earth are synthetic wine should drink? The creators suggest several advantages: so there would be 50 to 100 times less water are needed for the laboproductie and would make the wine less likely to spoil because there is only sterile ingredients in be used. In addition, should the price fall substantially, the production would happen very quickly that there are no casks of wine, more years to mature, the beverage may be healthier because of less sugar is needed,…

The question is whether the product under the name ‘wine’ in the shops will be allowed to lie, so says The Time. The European legislation states that wine is a beverage made from fermented grapes or other fruits. Of fermentation is at this labowijn, within the 15-minute-brewed is, however, not the case.

Or the product will be a success, depends on how much the consumer will want to steps in the synthetic story. Wine club Our Daily Bottle throw positive that wine is much more than a pile of molecules: “Wine is the expression of the culture of a certain region. It is, of course, first and foremost, a very tasty drink, but what makes it so interesting, are the stories behind them.” The future will tell. (EK)

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