The Latest: the Norwegian legislator had attack suspect as director

NEW YORK – The latest news about the investigation into the deadly cycle path attack on Manhattan (all times are local):

7:25 pm

A Norwegian legislator says she remembers that he is the suspect in the deadly New York City bike path terror, as a director of last summer.

Asunn Lyngedal, of the opposition Labour y, says the 29-year-old Sayfullo Saipov (sy-foo-LOH’ sah-YEE’-pawf) was her driver in July, when they used Uber for a ride to the airport at the end of her New York vacation.

Lyngedal says Saipov struck her as “not quite stable” and stopped suddenly, while driving and the car. She told the Norwegian daily Dagbladet on Friday, that when he returned to the vehicle that she understood he had a fight with someone in a car behind. He also asked that he should be “beaten.”

Lyngedal said that she thought: “he was tired and overworked.” She added that Saipov talked a lot about his life in the united states, had a wife and children and said that he was tired because he drove a truck for his brother in addition to a Uber driver.


6:45 pm

One of the two high school students injured in the deadly terrorist attack on New York City bike path back to the classes of the day after to keep his perfect presence.

City Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña says the 17-year-old Noah Salz, Brooklyn, was back at Stuyvesant High School on Wednesday, a day after being injured in an Uzbek immigrant drove a rented truck on the West Side of the path, killing eight people and injuring 12.

The injured are Salz, a 14-year-old girl and two adults on a school bus was hit by the truck. The girl remains in the hospital.

Farina says Salz told his mother that he could not miss school because he was busy with his perfect presence. When the teen in the bus didn’t show up Wednesday, his mother a car to bring him to school.


12:20 pm

The eight people killed in a truck rampage and have been honored with a night walk along the river esplanade where the victim has died as both researchers and terror-weary New Yorkers try to make sense of the crime.

A number of the marchers carried candles on Thursday evening. Others pushed cycling in solidarity with the victims, which are harvested on a cycle path, that runs the length of Manhattan’s waterfront.

The walk took place hours after the city began installing protective barriers along the path.

President Donald Trump has tweeted messages calling for the execution of the suspicious Sayfullo Saipov (sy-foo-LOH’ sah-YEE’-pawf). While Saipov’s lawyer has said that he hopes that “everyone will let the judicial process play out.”

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