The Latest: Police release 911 calls from Vegas attack

LAS VEGAS – The Latest news about the release of the 911 audio, and a video of the mass shooting in Las Vegas last year. (all times are local):

3:10 pm

Hundreds of 911 calls released by Las Vegas police of the Oct. 1 mass shooting to show of the efforts that helpless concert-goers took to hide in an outdoor music festival where the attack occurred.

Callers said that they were hiding in the recycle bin and storage containers, and even a port-o-potty.

In one conversation, a panicked woman said she was with her injured husband.

“He’s down. He was shot,” she said.

The woman said she was a nurse. The 911 operator gently asks her if she can help her husband until the ambulance arrives.

“You’re a nurse. I want you to do what you are doing, OK? I need you to help. You’re going OK?” the operator says.


3:05 pm

Recordings of the 911 calls during the Las Vegas mass images show a woman said a barrage of gunfire sounded like a machine gun.

She says on the call released Wednesday that they hid with a group of people in the vicinity of the concert of the portable bathroom and was afraid a shooter might come around the corner.

She told the coordinator she saw “tons” of people out, and she was terrified for the daughter, who was with her.


3 hours

A man who called 911 during the Las Vegas mass shooting said his 19-year-old daughter had been shot two times at the Route 91 festival.

He said that she was hiding in a Budweiser stand and needed medical attention immediately.

In the background, he tells his daughter that he is stuck in traffic.

“I try to get to you, sweetheart,” he said.


2:50 pm

Emergency calls released by the police in Las Vegas of the deadliest mass shootings in modern AMERICAN history show confusion by callers about what happens.

In one conversation, a man at the Route 91 Harvest Festival concert reported active gunfire.

The man, who spoke in a calm voice, said he did not know where the shooting is coming from, and whether there may be a gunfight outside or not.”

The dispatcher asked if he was in a safe location. He said that he did not know how safe he was and said: people began to leave. He wanted the insurance on the question of whether it was safe.

The coordinator told the man was on the road and to remain where he felt safe.


2:45 pm

A 911 call made during the Las Vegas mass shooting came from a woman to hide with a group of people near the portable bathrooms at the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

The woman breathed hard as she said the barrage of gunfire sounded as if someone had a gun.

“We keep hearing the shots getting closer and closer, and there are people down there,” she said, her voice panicked. “Oh my God! I’m with my daughter, I am so afraid for her.”

2:40 pm

A Mandalay Bay security guard called 911 and reported an active shooter in the room 32-135 during the mass shooting last year in Las Vegas.

The security officer said that there managers are under and above the ground, and she could hear semi-automatic rapid fire.

He said they have an officer who was shot and paramedics were on the way.

He said that they could not reach with the shooter, because he had barricaded himself inside.

Shortly after the officer said that they are “a new active shooter, casino level.” It turned out to be a false alarm


2:30 pm

Some 911 operators picked up the phone during the mass shooting in Las Vegas to the sounds of rapid gunfire, screaming and crying as the caller pleaded for help.

Some of the callers were no longer on the line during some of the 911 calls received as the horror unfolded.

“My husband was shot,” a tearful woman who herself as Amanda told the operator. “We are just off the Strip … There was a terrorist attack.”


2 hours

The police in Las Vegas have released 911 calls made by concert-goers and video-recordings show the deadliest mass shooting in modern AMERICAN history.

Frantic calls from concert-goers tell the police that people are attacked by shots and hide under the stage at a concert that took place in the vicinity of the Mandalay Bay hotel.

Video taken from the roof of the hotel let people in the room fall and others try to help them as people walk in the direction of the exits.

The material was made available Wednesday on the basis of a court order more than eight months after the Oct. 1 shooting that killed 58 people injured and hundreds of others.

It is the fifth batch of records made public without comment, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo or his department. The FBI in Las Vegas also declined to comment.

Lombardo has said researchers do not know a motive for the attack and he doesn’t think one will be determined.

He said that there is no connection found to the international terrorism.

Authorities say gunman Stephen Paddock acted alone in shooting from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel in a concert crowd.

The investigation is continuing.

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