“The knowledge about the fun factor of sexuality is missing”

“The knowledge about the fun factor of sexuality is missing”

The knowledge about the fun factor of sexuality is missing. The information must, therefore, already in the childhood to start, according to experts.

“99 percent of the vrijpartijen have not procreation, but pleasure. So take it with fun or don’t do it”, says Rik van Lunsen, a physician and sexologist in an interview with The Telegraph.

Together with psychologist and sexologist Ellen Laan, he wrote the voorlichtingsboek Sex!. According to Van Lunsen begins the information is already in the childhood. “The ‘play doctor games’ is often as challenging behaviour, while a very healthy and natural way is to take the first steps in discovering your own sexuality.”

Also pornography that is now easily available on the internet, is not a problem for our sexual behavior, sets Of Lunsen. “The majority of people can easily the presented fantasy separate from reality. But porn is linked to two big problems.”


“In the first place, there is the problem of pornography. This has little to do with porn. An addiction is always a sign of a big underlying problem. Second, there may be a problem with the vision of the creators, so, for example, that it is very misogynistic, women as objects of desire appear,” he says.

In itself, this is a new development as sexting is not dangerous or perverse, according to Van Lunsen. “But it must be safe. Do not put just your face on a nude photo. Then the consequences can be quite to be, as has been shown.”


Van Lunsen is press about the fact that there is lack of information about the female reproductive system takes place. “Also, girls and women themselves know little of. They have the same physiological needs as men, but this is hardly taken into account.”

“No guy who thinks having sex without erection. Then why do with a woman if they are not ready for? No biologieboek pays attention to the functioning of the clitoris,” says Van Lunsen.

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