The kitchen is practical to organize: “It’s a working space, not storage

No matter how big your kitchen is, it’s almost as if you can never have enough space. As a matter of organization, according to huishoudcoach, Els and Jacobs. The following tips can go a long way.

Can you make a regular something in the kitchen, you will be fond of all of your spice jars or you have a cabinet with pots and pans in a mess? Then it’s time to get your kitchen to look in depth to the smallest detail.

The best way to make your kitchen to be organize, it is, according to Jacobs, The HuishoudCoach, a subdivision in the area. “A buffet – style breakfast, and lunchzone, tea and coffee, and theezone, and so on.”

The idea behind it is that you are in that area just for the stuff, save that for the business to hear it. “This way, you will have a good basic format will be. That makes it easier for you to find the stuff, but in order to put it back.”

That sounds quite complicated, especially in a small kitchen. “That’s right,” agreed Jacobs. “But it’s in a small kitchen, it is important to have a strict format. In a small kitchen, it is actually quicker to get messy.”

“Keep it in the kitchen and only the things that you use every day, or every week using it.”
Els Jacobs, huishoudcoach

Jacobs will take over the hotel and lunchzone as an example. “Here you are, the fact that the signs can also be the cups that you’re used to, just to see what you are saying makes sense, close to each other. As you can see everything in an instant, to grasp, without a lot of back-and-forth to do it.”

The kitchen is a workspace, not a storage

Furthermore, it is important to remember that the kitchen is a place to work, according to Jacobs. “Keep only the items that you use every day, or every week using. You can use, for example, once a month, you are deep-frying, leave it on the kitchen counter again.”

This is also true for the stock. “I would always have to have the entire inventory in the kitchen to take care of it”, she said. “It’s more convenient to have just come extract, including macaroni and rice in the kitchen to keep it.”

The stock in store, so you are in a different place. This can be a pantry, but in a larger kitchen, for example, in any other case. “But it is a good idea to make that distinction.”

Six tips for an organized kitchen

  • Divide your kitchen into ‘zones’
  • Keep only the items that you use regularly
  • Keep come grab it and stock it apart
  • Keep the lids on the inside of a cabinet door
  • Keep it in the kitchen, the spices that you use regularly
  • The use of drawers instead of cabinets

Focus, preferably a separate one of the trays with herbs and spices

Jacobs refers to a number of handy features. The covers can be stowed behind a bar or in a wire basket that is attached to the inside of a kitchen cabinet frame or door. “The pots and pans can be easier to stack, which saves a lot more space.”

Also, for the storage of spices, for a lot of people have an issue, know that Jacobs is out of the experience. “Many people have only a limited amount of food available to a limited number of herbs,” she says. “Keep, therefore, only with the spices that you use regularly in the kitchen. There are maybe a dozen or so. The rest of it in the pantry.”

If you have enough space, you can use a tray to decorate it with herbs and spices. “There are special patches with the spice-to-buy,” says Jacobs. “You may be better opting for a single system, in which the herbs are from the store, to in to incorporate it. It doesn’t only make things easier, it’s so much more pleasant out.”

Also, the warehouse knows to Jacobs, is that there are patches available to buy, which allows you to, as it were, a plateau is created. “The three of hoogteniveaus you can use all of the jars are stored, so even in the back.”

The lucky ones among us who will soon have a new kitchen and are going to buy, advises Jacobs to get as much as possible, opt for drawers instead of cupboards. “By the way, there are also plenty of uittreklades for sale that you can easily in your existing kitchen cabinets you can assemble.”

Do you have more tips on how to organize the kitchen cabinets)? Leave your opinion behind in a comment below this post.

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