The Kik-singer Dave von Raven was in his own words ‘almost’ alcoholic

The Kik-singer Dave von Raven was in his own words ‘almost’ alcoholic

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte

The frontman of the Dutch band The Kik Dave von Raven was the right way addicted to alcohol. According to the singer drank himself to delirium.

The 35-year-old singer always loved the nightlife, he says Friday at the AD. “But I was increasingly suffering from terrible hangovers. I zoop a lot. That had to less. Cocaine? I Was certainly not against that, but I’m luckily not addicted to it. With drink went in that direction.’”

An occasional beer should be able to, said the singer. “But that’s a different discipline than yourself a delirium booze. That happened a little too often. Then went for a performance all four or five of whisky, closed to within a little in the mood. And then I took that bottle afterwards to take home.’


But now Von Raven a little older, he should also make sure that the people around him a little happy, he continues his story. “Then I especially on my girlfriend. That was here in the morning compared to a afgepeigerde thirties, who as a 16-year-old had been showing off.”

Where once he was home did bring, he drives itself back home, says the singer. That is a beautiful stick behind the door, he says. “Then I am in the morning fresh enough to do anything to my day.”

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