The journalists of the year ‘Award is especially for the injured parents’

Faith-journalist, Jan Kleinnijenhuis, and Pieter Klein of RTL Nieuws are finding that their coverage of the toeslagenaffaire, mainly due to one of the lawyers, and the whistle-blowers, who are those that helped in their reporting. Is the title Journalist of the Year, the duo received the journalistenvakblad Villamedia, especially for the victim’s parents, they will tell you on Monday, in a conversation with the Faithful.

“They have been the victims of their trust,” according to Kleinnijenhuis. “Now, imagine that you have ten years to go through the government as well as he are considered. You always have the feeling that this was not right, but you still have everything you paid back. That you get out of your house to be, there’s earned income was put in, your marriage came to an end, and that you are the children of the house have been placed.”

“If you’re willing to have two initially, achterdochtige journalists, you have a whole story to tell, and the records in it, then it is general, that is a huge encouragement.”

A small mention of the toeslagenaffaire have been the main story, “because the people”, and there are likely to be “thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of victims are in the same boat” did. “It’s not out of the hand of technocratic matter, as a project, but the very essence of the rule of law, and an administration that fails, the officials, literally, against the law acts, and ordinary people routinely duperen,” says Klein.

Tax authorities are noted, the parents, wrongly, if he

In the toeslagenaffaire were in the hundreds, and probably thousands of parents by the tax authorities, knowingly and wilfully falsely identified as the attacker. The officials were about to terminate, and the recovery of the childcare allowance.

Several parents came in to the actions of the tax authorities in the major financial issues. Responsible for secretary of state, That Soon, in december, after the new revelations. It turned out that the ministry is in the Second Room, once again, is not actively shared.

Also, many parents of black painted case files received, which did not show why they were the Irs and if he were qualified.

40Snel runs the hall, Second door after the announcement of the departure

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