The Joker is heading for the record in spite of the security of American movie theaters

In spite of stricter security measures at U.s. movie theaters, it seems the Joker is the best opening to a movie ever in the month of October and managed to achieve them, writes The Hollywood Reporter.

The film, released last Friday, in an amount of 39.9 million dollars shall be converted to 36.3 million euros) in the bioscoopkassa on.

The current record for a film in October, in the premiere, is situated on the 95-million dollars. According to the calculations, the film is out in America this coming Sunday for a total amount of 190 million dollars in your pocket.

Supervision in the major cinemas in the

The Todd Phillips (The Hangover trilogy) directed film, took a few weeks to go before the premiere, and for a lot of activity. For example, the main character, is a serious mental health condition kampende comedian (played by Joaquin Phoenix), who is increasingly falling into a vicious cycle of hostility and insanity, according to the critics, people will be able to turn to the public, the use of violence.

Even though it is in large U.s. cities such as Los Angeles and New York, have no evidence for the charges which are connected with the film, and decided in the different police stations more control to keep it in the big theaters in the country.

Last Thursday, removed a movie theater in Huntington Beach, California, usa, for two screenings of the film, as the police are to take seriously the threat had been detected. The movie theater was on the next day, however, simply to proceed with the proposed filmprogrammering.


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Twelve of the dead during a Batman movie

The character of the Joker is an excerpt from the stripuniversum DC, and is one of the arch-enemies of the superhero, Batman.

During a screening of the Batman film ” The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado, on July 20, 2012, shot a deranged man, and twelve people dead. Seventy persons were also injured. The Joker will be in an American city, will be shown.

The survivors of the shooting rampage in Aurora, demands that the movie studio Warner Bros. as a part of the states of a Joker and will make a donation to a slachtofferfonds. Also, the studio clearly needs to be said for a revision of the law in the usa.

Actor Robert de Niro, is also to be seen in the Wild, said recently that he agrees with the demands of the next of kin.

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