The japanese animation studio has received for the assassination of al dreigmails

The Japanese animation studio Kyoto Animation, and received the attack on Thursday, that dozens of lives claimed, all of dreigmails. In the meantime, a fundraising campaign has been set up to the company, and to the families of the victims. They have already tens of thousands of Japanese people to listen and respond in just 24 hours has more than 1 million us dollars (about 890.000 euros) will be retrieved.

Director Hideaki Hatta of Kyoto Animation, told me on Thursday that the company has recently been more dreigmails had been received. It also warned of a potential kill. Or is it coming from the arrested accused, it is not yet clear.

One man Thursday of the liquid in it around and thrown, and then the building set on fire. It came surely 33 people were killed, while dozens of others were injured. According to witnesses, the man would have said that he pirated it was.

Ten of them are still in critical condition in the hospital. It was the deadliest fire in Japan in nearly two years, writes The Guardian.

Witnesses said that the defendant, just before leaving for the sea of flames in the corridor and continued, “you’re going to die screaming. He was also supposed to have said that the studio has had done. The man was injured in the arson and is being treated at the hospital.


The flames strike from the animation studio Kyoto protocol after it burnt down

Smoke quickly spread through the building

A spokesman for the local fire department said that most of the bodies were found is on the upper floors of the building. Due to the design of the building, the spread of the smoke, quickly go to the top. Still, there are no identities of the victims have been released.

Kyoto Animation is one of the most prominent Japanese animation studios, and features more than 160 people. The company has, among other things, the series is in The air as we know it, or Haruhi Suzumiya, Clannad and K-On. In the episode, Violet Evergarden has recently been on a Netflix-posted in.

Japanese prime minister shinzo Abe has called the attack Thursday morning on Twitter, “is too dreadful for words,” and condoleerde to the next of kin of the fatal victims.


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