The Italian party will have more time to get out of the political crisis

The parties are in Italy and will have more time to get out of the political crisis, says the Italian president, Sergio Mattarella Thursday night. The parties will have to be located on Tuesday for him to sign, to the current state of affairs and to discuss with them.

The Italian government fell on Tuesday due to a disagreement between the political parties Vijfsterrenbeweging (M5S) and the League of. The president of the parliament will dissolve, if no coalition is possible, then, since then, interviews of the political leaders.

M5S has now embarked on discussions that will lead to a “strong majority” in congress. “We have to leave the ship doesn’t sink, because it will be paid by the Italians, and the price,” said the party leader Luigi Di Maio on Thursday.

Di Maio wants to be, according to news agency associated press does not say whether or not he was referring to the negotiations with the social democrats of the PDS, who are now in the opposition. They are in the picture as a potential coalition partner, is now Empty no longer want to continue with the M5S, which is still the largest party.

The League party Matteo Salvini is doing well in the polls. For that reason, it would be the Salvini, and elections were held to enforce, and proposed reforms are on the line, set the prime minister by Giuseppe Conte, who on Tuesday resigned his post and has offered to Mattarella.

The centre-left PD, has made it clear to want to talk about co-operation with the Vijfsterrenbeweging, but not “at any price” as a government, want to get. The social democrats have a number of requirements are placed on the table. For example, they are not that outgoing prime minister Conte and.


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