The Italian football league is under fire for antiracismecampagne monkeys

The antiracismecampagne of the Italian football league Serie A hasn’t even officially started or is it already on the critical charge. The organization is the most important competition in Italy and wants to be with the three paintings of monkeys to draw attention to the fight against racism and discrimination.

The works of Simone Fugazzotto will be the Series “A” and the values of inclusion, multiculturalism and brotherhood to spread”. The paintings are coming to hang out at the headquarters of the Serie A in Milan, italy.

The Series A is right for three monkeys displaying anti-discriminatiegroepering Cost going down the wrong way of fire. According to the authority, to ensure that the paintings will have a detrimental effect on a country where games are still made by apengeluiden.

“Italian football and the weather, for once lost for words after” notify the agency on Twitter. “In a country where the authorities have a weekly abandonment of action against racism, the Series of a campaign that looks and feels like a sick joke.”

Fare proposes that the cloth is correct for the dehumanisatie of soccer players of African descent. “It is time for the progressive clubs in the Serie A and make their voices heard.”

La #SerieA national un-campagna contro i razzisti che negli stadium mimano, il verso della scimmie ai calciatori.
Come immagine simbolo sceglie un’opera di Simone #Fugazzotto.
Tre scimmie…

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‘The monkeys are a metaphor for humans’

Artist Fugazzotto wants to say with his work, especially in showing how complex people can be. “Whether we are catholic, muslim, or buddhist, it is our actions that make us who we really are. Not the colour of our skin. For me, these are the monkeys used as a metaphor for the people, because of the origin, then we are all monkeys.”

All of the clubs in Serie A were last month, in a joint statement on anti-racism in the Italian stadiums. “Enough is enough”, and wrote, among other things. “No one would ever be racist in any way helpful, both on and off the field. We are no longer able to remain silent, or to wait until this problem will self-solve.”

They spoke out after a number of incidents this season. Thus, among others, Mario the premier league and Romelu Lukaku are racist in any way. Furthermore, the Italian newspaper, Corriere dello Sport, under fire, on his front page with the headline ‘Black Friday’ to be used in addition to a photo of Lukaku and Roma’s defender Chris Smalling.

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